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The M41 is an American tier 5 self-propelled gun. Like other American SPGs, the M41 has a poor tank traverse speed compared to other countries' SPGs of its tier, though the 56 kph top speed helps it find unusual and unexpected places to shoot from quickly.

The M41 leads to the M12.

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Historical Info

SC371824 - Lt. Gen. William M. Hoge, Commanding General, U.S. IX Corps, left, holds the lanyard which will fire the 75,000th shell to be fired by the corps since the start of the conflict in Korea. Brig. Gen. William N. Gillmore, Commanding General, Corps Artilllery, stands to the right of General Hoge. This day also marked the end of the first year fighting in Korea.

The self-propelled howitzer M41 was based on a lengthened M24 Chaffee chassis, and had many of the same modifications as the hull of the M19 self-propelled twin 40mm anti-aircraft gun. The M41's engine was moved to behind the drivers' compartment, and the 155mm howitzer mount was placed at the rear of the vehicle. Of the 250 ordered, 60 were delivered.


  • Cadillac Motor Car Division of General Motors Corp.
  • Massey Harris Co.

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