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Clans (Blitz)

Clans (Blitz)

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Clans were implemented to gather a group of up to 50 like minded members. Some clans have circumvented this by having a "family" of clans.

There are some perks to being in a clan. You will have a large list of available toon mates, access to clan supply discounts and bonuses, and be able to participate in clan contests.

Clan Supply Discounts

Level I

-5% discount for Engine Power Boost.

Level II

-5% discount for First Aid Kit, Automatic Fire Extinguisher, and tier II vehicles.

Level III

-5% discount for Repair Kit, Chocolate, Case of Cola, Extra Combat Rations, Pudding and Tea, Onigiri, Improved Combat Rations, Hot Coffee, and tier III vehicles.

Level IV

-2% discount for repairs. -5% cost for Multi-Purpose Restoration Pack, and tier IV vehicles.

Level V

-5% discount for tier V vehicles. -10% cost for First Aid Kit, Automatic Fire Extinguisher, and Engine Power Boost.

Level VI

-5% discount for tier VI vehicles. -10% cost for Multi-Purpose Restoration Pack. 1 garage slot purchasable with credits.

Level VII

-5% discount for tier VII vehicles, and Adrenaline. -10% cost for Repair Kit.

Level VIII

-5% discount for repairs, equipment, and tier VIII vehicles. 1 garage slot purchasable with credits.

Level IX

-5% discount for "small" provisions, the second equipment slot, tier IX vehicles, 10% discount on camouflage, access to the Clan Warrior camo

Level X

-5% discount on tier X vehicles and the third equipment slot, 10% discount on all provisions and adrenaline, IS-5 purchase for 1500 gold unlocked, one garage slot purchasable for credits.