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Equipment (Blitz)

Equipment (Blitz)

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Equipment improves the effectiveness of the tank in combat. Equipment availability and costs vary by tank tier, class and nation.

  • NEW (Post Patch 3.8)

For More Information, go to the official Wargaming post.


  • OLD (Pre Patch 3.8)

Unlike consumables, the benefits of equipment will be active for the entirety of the battle, unless the equipment is affected by a specific situation. For example, the Toolbox equipment, which speeds up module repair time by 25%, will be active at all times, whereas the Camouflage Net will only be active when your tank is stationary.

Equipment that improves view range, such as the Binocular Telescope, will have a limit of 500 meters. This means that any tanks that mount these equipment that have a combined view range of above 500 meters will have a real view range of 500 meters, and not a value above.

Special consideration needs to be taken with regards to the class and the characteristics of a vehicle. Heavy tanks, which are generally at the forefront of battle, will mount equipment such as the Enhanced Gun Rammer which improves reload time, and the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive which improves aiming speed. Mediums may want to mount equipment that improves mobility or accuracy while firing on the move, such as the Vertical Stabilizer or the Enhanced Torsion Bars.

Toolbox +25% to repair speed.

Spall Liner +15% to armor protection from ramming and explosions. It does not increase your tank's armor against shell hits.

Binocular Telescope +25% to view range for a tank that is stationary for 3 seconds, not including gun or turret movements. Any movement of the tank's hull will reset the telescope, requiring another 3 second wait. Note: Limited to 500 Meters.

Coated Optics +10% to view range Note: Limited to 500 Meters.

Enhanced Gun Rammer 10% increase to reload speed for single shot guns (not available for guns equipped with autoloaders). Note: This is a must have on any tank that can mount it.

Enhanced Torsion Bars +30% to suspension durability.

Fill Tanks with CO2 +50% to fuel tank durability.

Improved Ventilation Improves all crew skills by 5%. This includes reload time, aim time, accuracy, hull and turret traverse, and view range. Note: Not available to open topped vehicles.

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive +10% to aiming speed.

Camouflage Net -10% to visibility when the tank is stationary for more than 3 seconds Note:This ignores turret and gun movement.

Cyclone Filter Improves engine durability by 50%. Note: Only available to Soviet tanks.

Vertical Stabilizer +20% to accuracy during movement and turret rotation. Note: This reduces the size of the aiming reticle, and therefore reduces aim time. It is reduced by more than that of the Gun Laying Drive.

Wet Ammo Rack Improves ammunition rack durability by 50%.

Additional Grousers +10% to performance on soft ground +5% to performance on moderately soft ground Note Only available on su76i, su85i, and several lower tier Germans. It helps with the terrain resistance on soft areas like rivers and off-road surfaces