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Gold Economy (XBOX)

Gold Economy (XBOX)

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World of Tanks has two types of currency fueling its economy, namely credits and gold. Credits, also known as silver, are earned in battle or purchased with gold and are the primary in-game currency.

The second currency, gold, gives access to various premium options like, for example, the premium account status, or premium tanks. Premium options bought will neither change game play significantly nor give players a decisive advantage in battle. This article will cover various premium options.


Getting the Gold

The easiest way to get gold is to purchase it from Wargaming, although there are many other ways of doing so. You can also earn it by participating in developer/moderator organized contests, tournaments and other events (check the news page on your server for current opportunities: EU server, NA server, SEA Server).

25,000 $112.000 with tax

Premium Account

The most important thing that gold is used for is to buy a subscription to a premium account. It gives 50% more credits and 50% more experience per battle, and a clean garage. Even though you only earn 50% more credits with a premium account, your profit after paying for repairs and ammo can increase two- or threefold, depending on your performance in battle (amount of damage, destroyed tanks, base captured/defended, etc) because your costs remain constant.

The table below shows that to maintain premium status on an account for a year would cost 6.66 EUR, 5.66 GBP or 8 USD per month if you purchased the respective biggest gold package on each server and the 12 months of premium option.

Extending Premium
Cost Length Days
24,000 Gold 12 months 360 days
13,500 Gold 6 months 180 days
2,500 Gold 1 month 30 days
1,250 Gold 1 week 7 days
650 Gold 3 days 3 days
250 Gold 1 day 1 day

Premium Tanks

Gold can also be used to purchase certain premium tanks. Premium tanks already are at elite status, i.e. fully researched, and are great for earning credits as they receive a bonus to their credits gain and won't give you further expenses with additional modules. The income bonus is defined individually for each premium tank but the exact amounts are not published.

Premium tanks also receive the following benefits that make them very useful for training other tank crews.

For training level the following applies:

  • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of the same class there is no penalty to his current training level. The regular penalty is 25% to his current training level.
  • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of a different class there is a 25% penalty to his current training level. The regular penalty is 50% to his current training level.

For experience gain the following applies:

  • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of the same class there is no penalty to EXP earned. The regular penalty is 50% less EXP earned.
  • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of a different class there is a 50% penalty to EXP earned. The regular penalty is 75% less EXP earned.

Note: The complete list of premium tanks can be found here. Some tanks may not be bought in the In-Game Store, and can only be obtained during certain special events, in the Gift Shop, or may not be available at all.

Premium Ammo

Gold can be used to buy premium ammo (AKA "Gold Rounds" or "Premium Rounds") which have a bonus to penetration compared to regular ammunition. However they become rather expensive when used on a regular basis. Premium ammunition is commonly used in clan wars.

Premium Consumables

Player can use gold to buy premium consumables that have much better benefits than their regular counterparts.

Dismounting Equipment

Players have the option to dismount complex equipment for 10 gold to get a full refund of silver.

Permanent Camouflage Pattern

The appearance of your tank can be changed by acquiring camouflage patterns in game. If bought for credits, they are temporary, but if you spend gold (amount depends on tier and type of your vehicle) they will stay with your vehicle as long as you keep it in your garage.

Buying Credits

Players can use gold to buy credits. 1 gold buys 400 credits. Generally it is considered more efficient to buy premium account status and benefit from the credit income bonus it comes with rather than spending gold on buying credits. However if you do not play much, yet want credits fast, then buying them may be the better option for you.

Convert Experience to Free Experience

Players with elite tanks (all premium have elite status) can convert the tank's regular experience to free experience at a rate of 25 exp converted per 1 gold. While expensive in gold, one good match in a top tier vehicle will earn enough experience to immediately skip from tier I into IV in a different branch of advancement tree.

Bigger Garage

Players can pay 300 gold to gain 1 additional slot in their garage.