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The Collections screen is accessed by clicking on your account name in the top left and selecting "Collections" from the drop down menu.
Introduced in Update 0.6.5, collections are a way for players to earn unique collectibles, fill albums, and build complete collections to earn a special reward!

How Collections Work

You can usually find collection items in Containers, and each item has an equal chance to appear.

  • A separate album is added to a player's account for each collection after they earn the first item from a collection, but the button to see the album only becomes visible in their tab after obtaining that first item.
  • Collection items cannot be sold, so when players earn an item already in one of their collections, it is considered a "duplicate".
  • Duplicates can be exchanged for missing collection items. Simply select an item you don't have instead of duplicates and exchange it; exchange rates vary by collection.
  • After a collection is complete, any remaining duplicates automatically convert into credits.

Available Collections

Below is the list of collections currently available for completion in World of Warships.

List of Available Collections
Emblem Collection Name Number of Items Dates Available
PCZA004_Yamamoto.png Yamamoto Isoruku Collection 40 9 August 2017 -

Unavailable Collections

The below collections are no longer available for completion.

List of Unavailable Collections
Emblem Collection Name Number of Items Dates Available
PCZA002_Bismarck.png The Hunt for Bismarck Collection 24 18 May 2017 -
7 June 2017
PCZA003_Dunkirk.png "Dunkirk" Collection 16 19 July 2017 -
2 August 2017
PCZA005_HappyBirthday.png "2 Years of World of Warships" Collection 16 13 September 2017 -
28 September 2017