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Ships of Pan-Asia

Ships of Pan-Asia

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The Pan-Asia faction does not cover a specific nation, but includes ships from various nations within the Asia-Pacific region.


Shenyang, Tier IV destroyer
None of the various units that comprise the Pan-Asian destroyer branch originated in the countries whose flag they fly in World of Warships; every single hull was purchased from a foreign navy prior to seeing service in their respective Asian navies. As such, the line is an odd mix of play styles that dabbles in each of the other destroyer lines currently in the game: from Longjiang’s roots in the Kaiserliche Marine, to Phra Ruang’s and Gadjah Mada’s prior service in the Royal Navy, to Shenyang’s time flying the Rising Sun of the IJN, to Fushun’s Red Fleet origins, to the surplus World War II-vintage United States Navy hulls that comprise the high end of the line. Main battery performance varies widely from hull-to-hull based on the country of origin; the one unifying trait that all Pan-Asian destroyers share is that they equip deep-water torpedoes. Unlike the torpedoes mounted on other destroyers, these fish are set to run at depths of 5-6 meters, meaning that enemy destroyers cannot take hits from them; conversely, they are highly lethal to all opposing battleships and carriers, as well as most enemy cruisers. Starting with Tier VIII's Hsienyang, Pan-Asian destroyers also gain access to a modified version of the Surveillance Radar (While active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, regardless of obstacles (such as smoke screens or islands).) consumable with a shorter duration and range than that found on cruisers of similar tiers; unfortunately, they must sacrifice their Smoke Generator (While active, generates a smoke screen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates.) in order to mount it.


VI Fushun
VI Anshan  Doubloons
VIII Hsienyang
VIII Loyang  Doubloons


VI Huanghe  Doubloons