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Players will receive the disciplinary teamkiller status for committing either of the following offences:

  • do 10,000 damage or more to Allies (1% of damage) over the last 1,000,000 damage points (each) by main battery, aerial bombs or aerial torpedoes; or
  • do 40,000 damage or more to Allies (4% of damage) over the last 1,000,000 damage points by ship-launched torpedoes; or
  • destroy an ally by main battery fire, torpedoes of any kind or bombs (which means the last hit to sink them counts, not the amount of damage done previously); or
  • shoot down 30 or more allied aircraft in the last 100 air battles.

Consequences of the teamkiller status

As long as a player is under the disciplinary teamkiller status, his nickname in the team panel is displayed in pink, as is his ship symbol on the minimap etc., along with his aircraft, if any.

Furthermore, once a player has received teamkiller status, any more damage they do to allied ships is reflected back to them as a percentage. For example, if a pink player deals 10,000 damage to an Allied ship and that loss constitutes 50% of that ship's hit point pool, it will not lose the teamkiller's ship 10,000 hit points himself but 50% of his ship's starting total hit points.

At the same time, the teamkiller's victims receive only 10% of the actual damage that would be caused (5% for torpedoes). They still receive the full resulting fire and flooding damage, although Wargaming plan to reduce this in future.

Should the teamkiller continue to attempt to damage allied ships, the percentage of damage reflected back to him will steadily keep increasing until his ship is eventually destroyed.

However, in contrast to procedures (previous?) employed in World of Tanks, the offending player does not become fair game for his team. His team mates are not allowed to retaliate. If they do, the same disciplinary teamkilling action will be applied to them as well.

Removing teamkiller status

In order to remove the teamkiller status, the player in question must complete six battles without harming any allies. (This is why it says "approximate number of games until teamkiller status is removed" on the "Detailed Results" screen.)

Note that within the disciplinary period, any further damage to allies means the current battle does not count toward the required number to remove the teamkiller status. Besides actual weapons effects, this intentionally includes even the minor amounts of collision damage resulting from every slight touch of a friendly ship.