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Sword Infantry

Sword Infantry

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What does this unit counter?

Most sword units in general.

Counters to this unit type

The main units that counters infantry is pikemen, ranged and artillery: they have a bonus against them and are therefore extremly effective in melee against them. They can also form a phalanx which will negate your charge and deal damage to your unit.

A pike phalanx will counter infantry very effectively, in the same way as the hoplite phalanx.

Finally, due to their speed, infantry is vulnerable to missile fire, and especially artillery.

General playstyle and general tips

Those tips can be used when playing every infantry type listed below, but their effectiveness varies according to the type of infantry/faction being used.

Most sword infantry has a high morale flank damage value. Use that to defeat and rout your enemies. They are potent in a melee fight.



Sword Infantry

Tier Unit name Description


Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:
Alexander the Great

Roman Empire

Sword Infantry

Tier Unit name Description
T1 Pedites A flexible unit that can form a tight, disciplined formation.
T2 Milites Resilient, well-trained infantry.
T3 Accensi Roman training makes a formidable infantryman out of even the poorest soldier.
T4 Hastati A well-equipped unit that supplements sword and shield with deadly javelins.
T5 Principes Flexible, reliable infantry that can lead the charge or hold the line.
T6 Legionaries The men who conquered the known world.
T6 Armoured Legionaries Clad in the best Roman steel, these troops make an exceptional defensive unit.
T7 Centurion The iron backbone of the legion.
T7 Veteran Legionaries A wall of steel that will hold the line in the face of any foe.
T8 Socii Extraordinarii Hand-picked form the best of Rome's Italian allies.
T8 Eagle Cohort Legionaries will follow their Eagle into even the most dire of situations.
T9 Evocati Cohort Some are happy to trade war for peace - but not these men.
T9 Praetorians They will protect their Emperor from anything - when it suits them.
T10 Palatini The Palace Guard are the extension of the Emperor's will and the instrument of his power.
T10 Imperial Guard These men can make an Emperor - or tear him down.


Well trained, well armoured, with great weapons, these sword units are a flexible and reliable tool for a commander.

At T6 and onwards, the tree is split into two lines: medium and heavy. The medium line is comprised of:

-Socii Extraordinarii
-Evocati Cohort

The heavy line is comprised of:

-Armoured Legionaries
-Veteran Legionaries
-Eagle Cohort
-Imperial Guard

The medium part of the tree is quicker and more mobile than the heavy units, but have less armour and their melee capabilities are slightly inferior.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:


Those melee infantry units are lightly armoured, better used for flanking and in the forest (they get a bonus there).

Sword Infantry

Tier Unit name Description
T1 Tribesmen A unit of life-long fighters capable of a ferocious charge.
T2 Woodmen The woodsmen can burst from the forest in a sudden, surging charge.
T3 Warband Oath-bound warriors with a vicious charge.
T4 Cherusci Warband The fearsome victors of Teutoburg.
T5 Warriors Brutal lives forge brutal fighters.
T6 Proven Warriors Veterans of a lifetime of war, clad in the spoils of a hundred battles.
T7 Andartas Swords The reason Victory is a woman.
T8 Chosen Swordsmen Seasoned veterans wielding a variety of armaments; an inspiration to the tribe.
T9 Naked Warriors What soldier's morale would not quail in the face of such brazen confidence?
T10 Oathsworn Bound by unbreakable oaths, these elite, heavy-armed warriors are prepared to fight and for chief and tribe.

Fast and lightly armoured, those aggressive swordsmen have a great flanking damage and mobility, at the cost of armour.

Thye all have a short charge, called Harass, with a short cooldown. That gives those units harassing capabilities.


Tier Unit Name Description
T5 Falxmen Armed with a terrifying curved blade these warriors can carve through armour and shields.
T6 Proven Falxmen These men wield vicious two-handed swords that pierce armour and ignore enemy shields.
T7 Dacian Warriors The lands beyond the Danube breed hardy, ferocious warriors.
T8 Cleavers Strike with the force of the thunderbolt.
T9 Dacian Chosen The enemy will fall like wheat before the scythe.
T10 Decebalus Gaurd Decebalus stood firm in the face of tyranny - these men will follow his example.

Falxmen are an aggressive and mobile shock infantry unit that is very effective against armour. They, however, have no shield, which makes them vulnerable to missile fire.

They ignore enemy shield defence, which alongs with their other characteristics, makes them effective against armoured units, and especially heavy units of spears.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choice:


Sword Infantry

Tier Unit name Description
T4 Libyan Recruits Cheap and effective Libyan mercenaries, paid to hold a sword and follow orders.
T5 Punic Mercenaries Ruthless sell-swords from across North Africa.
T6 Iberian Rebels Vicious tribesmen ready to bear a grudge.
T7 Libyan Infantry Stand still too long and they will roll right over you.
T8 Insubres Swordsmen Roman-hating swordsmen who make a formidable and unpredictable foe.
T9 Samnite Warriors Rome's own 'bogeymen', out to cause trouble.
T10 Campaign Elites You are in the presence of legendary victors.


Carthaginian swords are very different from one tier to another: overall, they are flexible, with a decent armour, and faster than their Roman counterparts.

Commanders who can play them effectively


Alternative choices: