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Type 64

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Ch24_Type64 (Stock)

3500 Price
580 Hit Points
22.97 / 25 kgWeight
  1. Commander
25.4/12.7/19.1Hull Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
25.4/12.7/12.7Turret Armor(front/sides/rear, mm)
500 h.p.Engine Power
72.4 km/hSpeed Limit
56 deg/secTraverse Speed
115 Standard Shell Damage
128 mmStandard Shell Penetration
3.3 Reload Time
36 deg/secTurret Traverse Speed
390 mView Range
700 mSignal Range
Type 64
Type 64
More than 50 of these vehicles were produced in Taiwan. All basic components of the vehicle were based on those of American vehicles. The Hellcat turret was mounted on the chassis of the M42 antiaircraft vehicle, and the armament was the well-proven M1A1 gun. Only one Type 64 prototype survives today.

Type 64


Level Turret Weight (t) Turret Armor (front/sides/rear, mm) Turret Traverse Speed (deg/s) View Range (m)
turret VI Type 64 4500 25.4/12.7/12.7 36 390
Level Gun Weight (t) Average Penetration (mm) Rate of Fire Dispersion at 100 m Aiming Time
gun VI 76 mm Gun M1A2 587 128/177/38 115/115/185 18.18 0.4 2.1
Level Engine Weight (t) Engine Power (h.p.) Chance of Fire on Impact
engine VI Continental AOSI-895-5 862 500 20
Level Suspension Weight (t) Load Limit Traverse Speed (deg/s)
chassis VI Type 64 7500 25 56
Level Radio Weight (t) Signal Range (m)
radio VIII AN/GRR-5 0 700

Compatible Equipment

Small Spall Liner
Camouflage Net
Fill Tanks with CO2
Coated Optics
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Enhanced Torsion Bars 3 t Class
Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
Binocular Telescope
"Wet" Ammo Rack Class 1

Compatible Consumables

Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Manual Fire Extinguisher
Large First Aid Kit
Large Repair Kit
Quality Oil
Improved Combat Rations
Removed Speed Governor
Small First Aid Kit
Small Repair Kit

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent accuracy on the move
  • Tied for best view range on a tier 6 light
  • Ability to turn in place
  • Great mobility and top speed
  • Superb gun depression


  • Large size can make active scouting difficult
  • Low ammo capacity
  • Crew layout does not match tier VI - VIII light tanks
  • Cannot mount improved ventilation
  • Slow turret rotation for a light tank


The Type 64, while fully capable of fighting other tanks, still makes an excellent scouting tank. Though the large profile can make moving around the map undetected difficult, using terrain and your high speed can be used to keep yourself from taking damage. Taking advantage of your high view range and on-the-move camouflage can let you spot enemy tanks while staying just outside their view range.

History for this tank not found

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