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02:08, 16 January 2019(12,875 bytes)Edited reference to Cleveland in cons which was no longer applicable
03:05, 2 August 2018(12,874 bytes)Removed reference to Cleveland as Tier VI cruiser and added links for Furutaka and Mogami
14:15, 7 June 2018(11,946 bytes)Slot 5 comes at tier VIII, Slot 4 shows up at tier VI
18:34, 10 March 2018(11,946 bytes)Slanted all of Aoba and Furutaka's names. Fixed the flow of a single sentence.
02:38, 2 December 2017(9,563 bytes)Updated upgrades section
21:07, 7 August 2017(9,394 bytes)Protected "Ship:Aoba" ([Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite))
04:31, 19 January 2017(9,134 bytes)Added Camouflage section.
05:54, 5 November 2016(5,819 bytes)A semi-large updating of several obsolete elements of this page.
05:26, 11 October 2016(5,533 bytes)changed things to reflect the impact of Furutaka Hull C upgrade
12:08, 26 June 2015(36 bytes)Haswell:na moved page Ship:Aoba to Ship:PJSC007 Aoba 1943
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