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    <module name="login" missing="" />
    <module>* prop=info (in) *
  Get basic page information such as namespace, title, last touched date, ...

This module requires read rights
  inprop              - Which additional properties to get:
                         protection            - List the protection level of each page
                         talkid                - The page ID of the talk page for each non-talk page
                         watched               - List the watched status of each page
                         watchers              - The number of watchers, if allowed
                         notificationtimestamp - The watchlist notification timestamp of each page
                         subjectid             - The page ID of the parent page for each talk page
                         url                   - Gives a full URL to the page, and also an edit URL
                         readable              - Whether the user can read this page
                         preload               - Gives the text returned by EditFormPreloadText
                         displaytitle          - Gives the way the page title is actually displayed
                        Values (separate with '|'): protection, talkid, watched, watchers, notificationtimestamp, subjectid, url, readable, preload,
  intoken             - Request a token to perform a data-modifying action on a page
                        Values (separate with '|'): edit, delete, protect, move, block, unblock, email, import, watch
  incontinue          - When more results are available, use this to continue