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SU100Y (Stock)

3000 Cena
900 HPVýdrž
64 / 67.4 Hmotnost
  1. Velitel
  2. Radista
  3. Střelec
  4. Střelec
  5. Řidič
  6. Nabíječ
  7. Nabíječ
60/60/60Pancíř korby(čelní/boční/zadní, mm)
60/20/16Pancíř věže(čelní/boční/zadní, mm)
890 hpVýkon motoru
35 km/hMax. rychlost / couvání
30 stupňů/sRychlost otáčení
460 damage
196 mmPrůměrná průbojnost
17.7064955894146 Doba úplného nabití
26 stupňů/sRychlost nastavení odměru
240 mDohled
500 mDosah rádia

The SU-100Y is a very large tank for its tier, larger than even some tier VIII heavy tanks. The SU-100Y has a devastating 130mm gun that, with a Gun Rammer and 100% crew, loads in less than 14 seconds, dealing an average of 440 damage a shell. It is also very mobile for its size, but unfortunately has no next to no armor to cover its massive profile. The SU-100Y is sometimes referred to as the "boxtank".



Úroveň Dělo Průměrná průbojnost (mm) Rychlost palby Rozptyl na 100 m Čas zaměření Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
VIII 130 mm B-13-S2 196/171/65 460/530/600 3.39 0.38 2.9 0 5290


Úroveň Motor Výkon motoru (hp) Pravděpodobnost požáru při zásahu Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
VIII GAM-34-BT 890 20 0 632

Úroveň Podvozek Maximální nosnost Rychlost otáčení (stupňů/s) Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
VIII SU-100Y 67.4 30 0 15000


Úroveň Rádio Dosah rádia (m) Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
IV _71-TK-3U 500 0 100

Compatible Equipment

Těžká protistřepinová vložka
Maskovací síť
Naplnění nádrží CO2
Skládaná optika
Vylepšený pohon děla
Cyklónový filtr
Vylepšená ventilace Třída 3
Hydraulický nabiják pro děla velkých ráží
Binokulární dalekohled
„Mokré“ bedny s municí Třída 2

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Extreme alpha damage, on par with many tier X heavy tanks
  • Excellent penetration, easily penetrating even tier 8 heavies if weak spots are utilized
  • Good acceleration mobility; good at ramming
  • Good HP pool
  • Good credit earner; also good crew trainer due to the 6 crew slots


  • Large and unarmored
  • Very poor camouflage do to its large size
  • Reload speed is rather slow; lower DPM than other tank destroyers
  • Premium Ammunition adds damage but reduces penetration
  • Favored target, due to fearsome gun combined with huge size and low armor. Having constant cover is crucial.


The SU-100Y is all about the gun - the 130mm Weapon of Doom. With an average damage of 440 (510 with premium) the gun can wreck all lower tier tanks, one-shot everything in tier 4, and if it penetrates any tier 6 other than the TOG II*, it will shave off half of said tank's HP pool. With a 100% crew, Improved Ventilation, and a Tank Gun Rammer, this TD can reload in less than 13.50 seconds, making the eventual DPM 1,750.

One of the best tactics to use in this tank is to play it as a front line support role TD, having a hill to shoot off of, and a rock or house to duck behind after you fire your gun. This tank is never going to do well as a brawler or sniper, and trying to take the role of the VK 36.01 (H) or StuG III Ausf. G will result in untimely and useless death, while playing the front line support tank can, if done properly, result in excellent games.

The vehicle itself is large and unarmored, making it an easy target to hit and penetrate. Its size also lends to its poor camo, making sniping difficult. To remain unspotted, it is generally a good idea to keep about 400 meters between yourself and the enemy. At this range, your accuracy is just enough to hit the target most of the time. Your penetration is also still high enough that it often doesn't matter where your shell hits as it will still usually go through on most tanks. By keeping this distance, you won't have to worry about exposing your large profile or being flanked. However, you are more likely to land shots closer up, so it ends up being a classical case of risk versus reward in regards to how you chose to play it.

In a tier VIII battle, just try to stay hidden, and get the occasional shot off. A 440 damage shot from a tier VI to a tier VIII will be worth many credits and xp points.

Historical Info

In December 1939, the Northwest Command of the Red Army requested that the N°185 factory develop a vehicle based on the T-100. The vehicle had not only to operate as a self-propelled gun, but also to be used to lay bridges, transport explosives, and recover tanks destroyed or damaged on the battlefield. During the development of this vehicle, the ABTU proposed to mount the large, high velocity 152 mm cannon on the T-100 in order to give it the capacity to destroy bunkers and other strong fixed fortifications. The plant manager at N°185 proposed to stop the development of the prototype to use T-100 as a self-propelled gun armed with the 100 and 130 mm naval guns. This idea was accepted and on January 8, 1940, the plans of the T-100-X were finalized and sent to the Izhorskyi factory. The T-100-X had a box-shaped fighting compartment and was equipped with the 130 mm B-13 naval gun. For mobility, kept the torsion bar suspension system, as was the trend in modern tanks of the day. During the development of the prototype the shape of the fighting compartment was modified to reduce ammunition loading times. The new design was the SU-100Y. The designs of the SU-100Y were sent to the Izhorskyi factory on February 24, 1940 and assembly began on the first of the month. The self-propelled gun was tested for the first time on March 14. As the Winter War was finished, the SU-100Y never saw combat.

During the Winter War it was proposed to modernize the T-100 with a more powerful armament, the 152 mm M-10 gun, able to destroy concrete structures, particularly in dragon's teeth, a common anti-tank measure amongst Europe's fixed fortifications during World War II. A new turret to accommodate the 152 mm howitzer was implemented around March 1940. This new model was designated T-100-Z. However this project was abandoned because of KV-1 and the 152mm equipped KV-2 tanks were superior. In April 1940, the N°185 factory proposed a self-propelled gun (prototype 103) for coastal defence based on the T-100 and armed with the B-13 130 mm naval gun installed in a rotating turret with three 7.62 mm machine-guns. This project never went beyond the drawing boards.

When work was stopped on the T-100 project, the SU-100Y was transported to Kubinka in the summer of 1940. In November 1941, at the most critical moment of battle in the suburbs of Moscow, the SU-100Y, together with the 152 mm gun armed experimental SU-14 and Su-14-1, was pressed into service in an Independent Artillery Division for Special Duties. Further information of the combat record of the unit has not been made known. Unlike its base model (T-100), the SU-100Y prototype survived the war and is a part of the collection at the Kubinka Tank Museum.

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