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Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J

Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J

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PzII_J (Stock)

1000 Cena
390 HPVýdrž
17.89 / 18.85 Hmotnost
  1. Velitel
  2. Střelec
  3. Řidič
  4. Nabíječ (Radista)
80/50/50Pancíř korby(čelní/boční/zadní, mm)
80/50/50Pancíř věže(čelní/boční/zadní, mm)
160 hpVýkon motoru
31 km/hMax. rychlost / couvání
28 stupňů/sRychlost otáčení
12 damage
23 mmPrůměrná průbojnost
6 Doba úplného nabití
26 stupňů/sRychlost nastavení odměru
220 mDohled
500 mDosah rádia
Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J
Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J

This tank was given as a gift at GamesCom 2012. It was also available on the Russian Portal in the German Gift Box edition as well as in a special Gift Box edition along with the BT-SV, MTLS-1G14 and SU-85I. The enclosed code was valid for use on the RU, EU, NA and SEA servers.



Úroveň Věž Pancíř věže (čelní/boční/zadní, mm) Rychlost nastavení odměru (stupňů/s) Dohled (m) Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
IV Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J 80/50/50 26 220 0 2000
Úroveň Dělo Průměrná průbojnost (mm) Rychlost palby Rozptyl na 100 m Čas zaměření Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
I 2 cm Kw.K. 38 23/46 12/12 83.33 0.57 1.4 0 70


Úroveň Motor Výkon motoru (hp) Pravděpodobnost požáru při zásahu Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
IV Maybach HL 45 P 160 20 0 500

Úroveň Podvozek Maximální nosnost Rychlost otáčení (stupňů/s) Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
VI Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J 18.85 28 0 4200


Úroveň Rádio Dosah rádia (m) Zkušenosti Hmotnost (t)
IV FuG6 500 0 70

Compatible Equipment

Lehká protistřepinová vložka
Maskovací síť
Skládaná optika
Vylepšený pohon děla
Vylepšené torzní tyče Třída 1 t
Vylepšená ventilace Třída 1
Binokulární dalekohled

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Insane armor
  • Does not see tier 5 battles, unlike other tier 3 tanks
  • Good gun depression and gun handling


  • Slow speed
  • Weak gun
  • Loses effectiveness when playing in tier IV matches


Though many seem to see the Ausf. J as a fun-tank, it can become a deadly weapon in tier III matches. With a great armor of 80/50/50, it will be hard for your enemies to penetrate you. You won´t do much damage, but you can spot and take the damage for your teammates, while they, especially TD's and artillery can shoot safely from behind positions. Using APCR allows you to deal with enemies much more effectively, though it becomes expensive very quickly.

Early Research

None required, this is a premium tank.

Historical Info

Continued development of the reconnaissance tank concept led to the much up-armored Panzer II Ausf. J, which used the same concept as the Pz.Kpfw. IF of the same period, under the experimental designation VK 1601. Heavier armor was added, bringing protection up to 80 mm on the front and 50 mm to the sides and rear, with 25 mm roof and floor plates, increasing total weight to 18 tonnes. Equipped with the same Maybach HL45P as the Pz.Kpfw. IF, top speed was reduced to 31 km/h. Primary armament was the 2 cm KwK 38 L/55 gun. 22 were produced by MAN between April and December 1942, and seven were issued to the 12th Panzer Division on the Eastern Front.

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