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Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero

Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero

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324000 Cena
170 Odolnost
2560 kgHmotnost
201.6 Poškození
1127.4 Rychlost
500 km/hMax. rychlost v min. výšce
500 km/hMax. rychlost v ideální výšce
800 mOptimální výška
580 km/hMaximální střemhlavá rychlost
101.9 m/sStoupavost
90 km/hRychlost přetažení
256 km/hOptimální rychlost letu
86.5 Ovladatelnost
8 sČas otočení o 360 stupňů
100 °/sMíra náklonu
1556.6 Obratnost
Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero
Na počátku války v Pacifiku byl A6M nejúčinnější palubní stíhač na světě a zajistil Japonsku vzdušnou nadvládu.



Úroveň Motor Výkon motoru, hp / Tah Typ Hmotnost, kg Cena,
IV Sakae 12 925 vzduchem chlazený 540 24000
V Sakae 21 1130 vzduchem chlazený 570 33500
VI Sakae 31a 1210 vzduchem chlazený 540 42700
Drak letounu

Drak letounu

Úroveň Drak letounu Odolnost Hmotnost, kg Cena,
IV A6M2 Model 11 170 1780 23000
V NAME_MODULE_A6M2-21_PLANER_SPEC_TOP_A6M2_1 180 1840 44500
Synchronizovaný kulomet

Synchronizovaný kulomet

Úroveň Kulomet Ráže Úsťová rychlost, m/s Poškození Rychlost střelby, výstřelů/min Hmotnost, kg Cena,
III 7.7 mm Type 97 Model 2 (S) 7.7 960 26 800 30 4500
Zbraň v křídle

Zbraň v křídle

Úroveň Kulomet Ráže Úsťová rychlost, m/s Poškození Rychlost střelby, výstřelů/min Hmotnost, kg Cena,
V 20 mm Type 99-1 Model 1 (K) 20 1200 65 360 90 21000
VI WEAPON_NAME_G20MM-TYPE-99-1-M3-K_SPEC_TOP_A6M2_1 20 1200 75 360 90 26000

Compatible Equipment

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Superb maneuverability
  • Superb firepower


  • Fragile airframe
  • Poor high altitude performance makes it vulnerable to diving attacks
  • One of the slowest planes in its tier

Historical Info

While the Navy was testing the first two prototypes of A6M1, they suggested that the third be fitted with the 700 kW (940 hp) Nakajima Sakae 12 engine instead. Mitsubishi had its own engine of this class in the form of the Kinsei, so they were somewhat reluctant to use the Sakae. Nevertheless, when the first A6M2 was completed in January 1940, the Sakae's extra power pushed the performance of the Zero well past the original specifications.

The new version was so promising that the Navy had 15 built and shipped to China before they had completed testing. They arrived in Manchuria in July 1940, and first saw combat over Chungking in August. There they proved to be completely untouchable by the Polikarpov I-16s and I-153s that had been such a problem for the A5Ms currently in service.

Success of A6M2 made Navy immediately order the A6M2 into production as the Type 0 Carrier Fighter, Model 11. Reports of the Zero's performance filtered back to the US slowly. There they were dismissed by most military officials, who felt it was impossible for the Japanese to build such an aircraft.

After the delivery of only 65 aircraft by November 1940, a further change was worked into the production lines, which introduced folding wingtips to allow them to fit on aircraft carriers. The resulting Model 21 would become one of the most produced versions early in the war. A feature was the improved range with 520lt wing tank and 320lt drop tank. When the lines switched to updated models, 740 Model 21s had been completed by Mitsubishi, and another 800 by Nakajima.

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