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Concentric city streets, along with dense forests and bushes in the overgrown park allow for hidden maneuvers and redeployment of your troops. Although artillery fire is of limited use in the city, the debris provides effective cover for your troops.

Ruinberg is made up of a labyrinth of streets to the east. Heavies will feel right at home here because of the closeness of the enemy tanks. The peek-a-boo tactic will be useful here as the streets meet up in on place, and everyone will be using the buildings as cover. Light tanks may be able to get around the enemy if they are not vigilant enough in covering their rear. Mediums will excel at the peek-a-boo tactic here because of the fact that they are faster than the heavies and don't need to duck out too much to take a shot. Also, units will high alpha will find their home to the city.

The west of the map is very open and a great area for scouts. You will find tank destroyers sometimes wait for lights or mediums to make their way across the map so that they can snipe. SPGs will do well here thanks to the limited buildings. It is important that scouts have extended view and signal range when going across the open. Camouflage will help as well.

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