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Wiki Announcements

Provisional Pro/Con Limits - 27 Oct 2014


In an effort to enhance balance among pages, avoid the potential domination of player opinion by pros/cons, and increase the quality of individual points in pro/con evaluations, it has been decided to implement and evaluate a provisional condition into pros and cons for PC tank pages. As of now, all tank pages are limited to 5 bullets each during the test. All bullets, in accordance with the style guide, should be less than 2 lines in length. After evaluation of the functionality over initial launch as well as feedback, a further decision will be made as to the fate of this feature. Please leave input regarding this change in Wiki Discussion. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Wiki Discussion Area

Um die Kommunikation zwischen Nutzern, Bearbeitern und Wiki-Staff zu gewährleisten, gibt es die Wiki-Diskussion-Seite und die entsprechende Unterhaltung. Sie werden für die offene Diskussion aller Wiki-Angelegeheiten bereitstehen. Alle Nutzer sind eingeladen, sich in die Diskussion einzubringen.

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