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Mittlere Panzer

Mittlere Panzer

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Medium tanks are reasonably agile multi-purpose tanks which are able to take on many roles such as scouts, support, or even front-line tanks.

Medium tanks are extremely varied in their design and capabilities. The heaviest medium tank weighs in at just under 67 tons ( E 50 Ausf. M.) The thickest armor on a medium tank is up to 177 mm on the front hull, or 240 mm on the turret. The fastest medium tank can reach speeds of 70 kph. Medium tanks can also equip quite powerful weapons, but are usually less powerful than heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self propelled guns. At higher tiers, though (excluding tier 10), a majority of medium tanks will have to resort to either flanking tactics or weakspot-shooting to damage heavy tanks and most TD's.While a majority of medium tanks are effective due to their speed and maneuverability, some medium tanks are designed for more of a support role. These mediums may lack the speed and mobility of their counterparts, but instead, they have better armor and weapons to provide an effective mobile fire support platform.

Medium tanks are effective scouts when light tanks are unavailable, and excel at destroying enemy scouts, particularly light tanks. The larger size of the medium tank weakens its role as a scout when compared to light tanks. However, they are still generally mobile enough to exploit weak points in an enemy's defense for an opportunity to locate and destroy enemy artillery. That same mobility provides the medium tank an excellent ability to relocate, either to flank an enemy force already engaged, or to move to support a weak front needing extra firepower.

Medium tanks in a supporting role usually hang back behind friendly heavy tanks or flank opposing tanks, forcing the enemy to show a weak point to either the medium or the main force. Some medium tanks have strong frontal turret armor that allows them to resort to hull-down tactics; however, the rest of their armor can usually be penetrated by tanks of the same tier and above. Two medium tanks working together can use this to great advantage against a single heavy tank, with one tank hiding in cover drawing the enemy tank's fire and attention while the second medium engages the target's flank.

If forced to engage a heavy tank on its own, a medium tank can either circle an enemy tank if it moves faster than the target's turret, or make use of cover and spot the target for the friendly artillery. Overall, they are very important to a team's fighting force and shouldn't be underestimated.

Medium tanks appear as green or red rhombuses with a forward-slash on the mini-map and over target marker.

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