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Achievements (WoWP)

Achievements (WoWP)

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Epic Achievements

Each epic achievement yields 1 tokenToken when gained the first time of the day. Epic achievements can be obtained in tier IV and higher.

Legendary Achievements

Legendary Pilot
Legendary Fighter Pilot
Legendary Multirole Fighter Pilot
Legendary Heavy Fighter Pilot
Legendary Attack Aircraft Pilot
Legendary Bomber

Service awards

Service awards with No tokens

Maximum efficiency badges (8 different): This badge indicates that you have gained the maximum efficiency in a certain aircraft type battle mission. The battle mission is your progress towards tokens, which is explained above. As each topic has a maximum of 5 marks, a badge is obtained for having 5 marks in 1 category. Increasing your performance in that category after obtained the corresponding badge no longer leads to an increase in grades.

Flying Paladin Badge

LF: Destroy 17 aerial targets

HF: Destroy 15 aerial targets

Flying Guardian Badge

LF/MF: Destroy 8 enemy aircraft while defending a sector

Flying Warrior Badge

LF: Receive 275 capture points for destroying air targets when attacking a sector

Flying Raider Badge

MF: Receive 300 capture points for destroying air and ground targets when attacking a sector

Flying Vanguard Badge

MF/GAA/Bomber: Capture 5 sectors

Flying Exterminator Badge

GAA: Receive 400 capture points for destroying ground targets

Bomber: Receive 550 capture points for destroying ground targets

Flying Revenge Badge

GAA: Destroy 100 sections

Bomber: Destroy 150 sections

Flying Shield Badge

HF: Destroy 8 GAA/Bombers

Flying Fighter Badge

HF: Receive 300 capture points for attacking and defending sectors

Conqueror: Obtain 450 cap points

Guardian: Get 250 cap point for destroying enemy aircraft flying over sectors that are in your (your teams) control. Otherwise interpretable as: get 250 defense points.

Predator: Assist in making at least 10 kills in 1 battle.

Honorary Ranks

Rocketeer: Destroy an aircraft with a rocket

Rear Cover: Destroy an aircraft with a turret

Elite Pilot: Acquire Elite status for an aircraft

Specialist: Acquire the Specialist configuration for an aircraft

Tiered Decorations

Johnson Medal: Destroy 16,000 enemy aircraft

Dilley Medal: Destroy 24,000 ground targets

Pokryshkin Medal: Destroy 12,000 air defense aircraft

Boyington Medal: Earn 300,000 capture points

Mikhalenkov Medal: Earn 8,000,000 personal points

Series Achievements

Group Achievements

Rating Achievements


Destroying certain (mixes) of aircraft types:

- Hunt for condor

- Hunt for hawk

- Hunt for stormbird

- Hunt for

Etc, needs further updating

Distinguished Badges

Past Achievements


To indicate less heroic, but mentionable battle performance there are numereous other achievements, which are listed (based on category) below:

Below is all old stuff.

Achievements and victory marks are awarded to players for exceptional battle effectiveness. Achievements can be tied to both general statistics of a player and awarded individually for each aircraft and its crew.

To check your achievements, go to Service Record tab on the top menu panel in the Hangar.

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