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Archipelago (WoWP)

Archipelago (WoWP)

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Archipelago (WoWP)
Battle Tiers (Conquest)
Size, m
  • Map

Replay name: ocean
Description: Pacific Ocean, Melansia. Noon.

Archipelago was available from the start of 2.0

Decisive Blow


Gamemode: Conquest

Tier: 4-6

Size: 10800m

Description: One of the last enclaves of the enemy has been discovered on a small island of an archipelago: a garrison force has consolidated in the ruins of the bombarded refinery. Achieve superiority in the air above the refinery and ensure that the main landing forces penetrate the enemy's defense. The surviving staging airfield on the nearby atoll will allow for quick regrouping, and the command facilities will provide control and assistance.

2.1.12: The chance of getting this variation has been lowered by 50%

Stumbling Block


Gamemode: Conquest

Tier: 7-9

Size: 11700m

Description: Our first strikes reached the target: the supply base is ruined and it will take a while to reconstruct it. Now the success should be consolidated by second-wave aircraft. Combat group's mission: Achieve air superiority, take control of the airbases and command centers, and then force the enemy army remnants out from the region.

2.0.5: Increased the battle tier for the map layout "Archipelago: Stumbling Block" to VII–IX



Gamemode: Conquest

Tier: 3-6

Size: 9900m

Description: During fierce battles for an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, the enemy airbases established on the islands were destroyed.
The next objective was to take control of the industrial complex and the adjacent cargo port. Also, focus was to be directed to command centers located on both sides of the port. By capturing and holding the command centers, the outcome could be decided.

2.1.12: The chance of getting this variation has been lowered by 30%

Combat Reconnaissance


Gamemode: Conquest

Tier: 5-7

Size: 11700m

Description: Finally, it has been confirmed that a supply base is located in the region, inside of an industrial complex on one of the islands of the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The airfields on the nearby islands provide air cover for the port, while the defending force is coordinated from specially equipped headquarters.

Pearl Islands (Invasion)


Gamemode: Invasion

Tier: 4-6

Size: '

Description: A short-lived improvement in the weather has finally allowed the combat group to launch a massive raid on the enemy mining complex in the center of the remote archipelago. The sudden appearance of the large air force has taken the garrison by surprise, and it had time to scramble only a small number of aircraft.

Combat Reconnaissance (Attrition)


Gamemode: Attrition

Tier: 4-6

Size: '

Description: Same as Combat Reconnaissance

Test of Endurance (Bomber Escort)


Gamemode: Bomber Escort

Tier: 6-8

Size: '

Description: The fortified positions of the enemy on the small islands of the archipelago are the last obstacle for the fleet's transit to the main theater of operations. Destroying them will force the enemy to retreat. The squadron's mission is to escort the mass bomber raid from the airfields in the south and ensure the bombers' safe passage to the strategically crucial objectives.

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