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Bombs & Rockets (WoWP)

Bombs & Rockets (WoWP)

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Bombs are very strong against heavy enemy Groundtargets like a fortress or a battleship. They have the highest potential alpha-damage of all weapontypes. You can theoratically use bombs against planes as well, but you need to be right above him to get a hit. While flying low, bombs may also be used to clear enemy aircraft off your tail using a bomb trap: when dropping a bomb, the bomb takes a small amount of time to hit the ground. Once it hits, the splash damage of this bomb may damage (or destroy) the aircraft that was chasing you.

Some bombers drop their bombs off in sets rather than one at a time (RB-17, Do17Z, Ju88A).

Rockets have lower alpha than bombs, but with the right aim you can also hit enemy aircraft easily. The rockets are pretty fast, but a plane can still dodge it. All rockets have a velocity/acceleration mechanic that makes it pretty hard to hit aircraft without practice, so be sure to practice. The expert rocketeer skill for pilots lets a rocket detonate even on a close fly-by with an aircraft, rather than with a direct hit, significantly increasing hit chances.

Each rocket has a maximum range, at which it will also detonate. Using this range-fuse to hit aircraft is difficult.

Like bombs, rockets come in many sizes. And again, there are aircraft that fire salvos of (light) rockets rather than single rockets. Currently, two types of salvo rockets exist: R4M, found on german heavy fighters and multiroles, FFAR, found on american multiroles.

These salvo rockets do much less damage than most regular rockets, but their volume is dangereous- once one detonates, all go.