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Changelog: World of Tanks (Generals) Patch 0.6.0

Changelog: World of Tanks (Generals) Patch 0.6.0

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  • New server architecture
    • New architecture includes:
      • Faster and less traffic-consuming protocol
      • Well-functioning damage prediction system
      • Fixed a number of gameplay elements that were hard or impossible to fix on the previous architecture (see below)
      • Ability to fix game mechanics-related bugs and quickly add new content (cards)
      • The cons of the new architecture are as follows:
      • Consumables (equipment) are temporarily excluded from the game and will be added back in the next update


After gathering detailed statistics on players’ behavior (the average number of battles fought per day) and the number of credits and experience earned per battle, we decided to change the prices of the higher tier cards significantly and decrease them. See new prices in the table below.

Starter decks and Training HQs

  • The size of the deck of all three Training HQs reduced to 30 cards (tier IV and tier VIII HQs still have decks consisting of 40 cards).
  • Base parameters of all Training HQs are now equal : 2/18/+5.
  • Base parameters of the premium pre-order HQs now are 2/18/+5
  • Texts on the Training HQs changed are replaced with “Training HQ deck consists of 30 cards. Maximum power of each card is 15”.
  • The power of all three Training HQs is 10.
  • The power of the Premium pre-order HQs is also 10.
  • All Training HQs now have same starter decks.
  • Gunners SF, Crush the Enemy, Steel Fist, T18, Panzerjäger I, Scouts M, Ahead; these cards cannot be obtained by new players, those players who already have these cards will keep them.
  • T7 Combat Car card introduced (U.S.A. Tier I Light Tank with the following characteristics: 3/1, costs 2 Resources). This card is now included in the starter decks.
  • The characteristics of some cards in starter decks have been changed:
  • Heart of the Enemy card inherits the ability of the Steel Fist card (“Deal 2 damage to the target HQ, Unit or Squad.” It costs 2 Resources.)
  • The abilities of the cards excluded from starter decks have also been changed:
  • Ahead: the ability has been changed to “Restore the ability to move for this Unit”.
  • Steel Fist card inherits the cost and the ability of Heart of the Enemy card (prev. Crush) – “Deal 5 damage to the enemy HQ”. It costs 9 resources.
  • Storyline campaign, tutorial, battle against a bot
  • Storyline campaign, which served as a tutorial, has been removed from the game. Storyline campaign mode will return to the game in the future, when new campaigns (e.g. historic campaigns) are added.
  • One short tutorial mission for the new players now replaces the storyline campaign. It cannot be replayed, once successfully completed.
  • All players, that have already finished the PvE campaign, will not be asked to complete this mission.
  • Battle mode selection now only allows two options: “PvP battle” and “Training against a bot”.
  • The deck used by a regular bot has been changed; now it only contains cards used in the Training HQ decks.
  • The deck used by an advanced bot has been changed as well: cards, excluded from the starter decks, have also been excluded from it.

Research trees

  • AT-1 card has been removed from the research tree. This card cannot be obtained by the new players, but the players who have already obtained it, will keep it.
  • Tier I Heavy Tanks and Tier I Artillery (e.g. T-35, SU-18) now are included in the Training HQ trees and new players will have to research them. If the players already have these cards, they’ll keep them (including 4 copies of these cards for players who purchased pre-order Premium HQs).
  • Squads and Tank Destroyers are no longer present in the research trees of the Training HQs (they’ve been placed a bit higher in the trees).
  • Mercenary cards are also excluded from the Training HQ research trees.
  • Artillerymen 17, SU-26, Signalers 1, T2 MT, Bison, Pz38(t) are no longer Mercenary cards (now they are regular cards); if a player already researched these cards, they’ll notice that card has no silver frame, however the information on how this card was obtained will be kept in the Personal File.
  • Tier IV HQ research trees now contain 9 cards (for all HQs), with 2 of them being Mercenary cards.

Changes in the cards’ abilities

  • Heart of the Enemy and Steel Fist cards have exchanged their abilities (see above).
  • Ahead: the ability has been changed to “Restore the ability to move for this Unit”.
  • Volunteers 29 Squad has the same ability as the new Ahead Order card.
  • The ability of PD Holstein HQ is same as the one of the Ahead Order card
  • Object 261: the ability the card receives when the it’s placed in the Assault HQ deck changed to: “When deployed to the battlefield, enemy Units lose Camouflage ability”.
  • Liberty Heavy Tank: cost reduced from 8 to 7


  • Premium Account and Gold Bars images in the in-game shop have been changed.
  • The image of the tutorial character has also been redesigned.


Mobile only
  • Battle log interface has been temporarily excluded from the game; it’ll return in the next update after a number of improvements.

added animation and a special signal for the last 15 seconds of players’ turn before turn ends automatically.

  • Login screen changed (“Play” button now is clearly visible).
  • From now on player’s position in the League and Group (based on their rating) as well as their friends’ rating and Top 100 players list can be viewed in the game client.
  • Added new sounds for some in-game events.
  • The brightness of the battle screen background, card frames and fonts has been increased.
Web only
  • The image of the HQs in the enlarged view mode is replaced with the “old” one. The image of the card that can be seen in the Garage is based on that “old” image.
  • When Units with Blitz ability are deployed, it should be confirmed, that the card is deployed using Blitz, even in the case when there are not enough resources for the regular deployment.


Changes of the prices in experience and credits “Before -> After”.

Tier of the card Experience of the regular card Credits of the regular card Credits of the card with Mass Production ability Mercenary card experience Credits of the Mercenary card
II 250 → 200 2100 → 1600
III 760 → 475 6550 → 3600
IV 2040 → 1900 28800 → 21000 20400 → 19000 54800 → 86000
Tier IV HQ 2620 → 1350 22400 → 12000
V 3400 → 3900 48000 → 36000 36000 → 27000 30600 → 35000 82000 → 155000
VI 5660 → 5800 48000 → 36000 59800 → 39000 45300 → 46500 123750 → 215000
VII 9420 → 7700 132750 → 77000 99500 → 58000 66000 → 54000 190750 → 245000
VIII 25130 → 12500 370250 → 145000 150800 → 74500 444250 → 325000
Tier VIII HQ 39180 → 14500 552000 → 365000
IX 41830 → 19500 616250 → 265000 209200 → 97000 714250 → 425000
X 69610 → 27500 1025500 → 475000 278500 → 115000 1151500 → 475000
0.5.3 to 0.6.0 migration features

All in-game possessions the players had (regular cards, premium and pre-order cards) will not be removed. The amount of gold, credits and free experience earned remains intact. Due to Equipment removal, all the Equipment placed in the HQ support panel will be removed and compensated. Some Mercenary cards have become regular, and if they were hired before the migration, they’ll be compensated. Changes in the research trees may result in players having cards they didn’t research in 0.5.3. This was made to keep the consistency in the research tree (if the card is researched, its predecessors should be researched as well). Some Mercenary cards have become regular and all “excessive” copies of these cards (i.e. those not purchased by a player) will be excluded from the decks they were in. Such decks may require adjustments before going into battle. Number of cards in Training HQ decks has been reduced to 30 and Training HQ decks of the “old” players will require adjustments (the number of cards in the deck needs to be adjusted either manually or automatically to 30 cards) before going into battle.