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Economy (WoWP)

Economy (WoWP)

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Types of currencies

In World of Warplanes aircraft can be researched, bought, equipped with new modules, or fitted with equipment and ammunition. Pilots can be trained, retrained, levelled up and so on. Below is an overview of the types of currencies there are and what can be done with them:


  • Credits - The most used currency to buy, maintain, and improve aircrafts.
  • Aircraft experience - Used to research new aircraft modules (such as improved guns, engines, bombs etc) and new aircraft. Bound to one aircraft(*).
  • Free experience - Same as aircraft experience, but not bound to aircraft. Is shared between WoWP and WoT and may also be exchanged for crew experience at a rate of 1 free XP to 5 crew XP.
  • Pilot/Gunner experience - Used to train crews to full proficiency in handling aircraft & allows crews to pick up skills.
  • Gold - a premium (premium = paid for) currency that can be used to buy premium time, premium aircraft, retrain pilots to full proficiency, buy special ammunition, buy hangar slots, camouflages, and convert aircraft experience into free experience. Gold is shared between WoWP and WoT.
  • Premium time - A time-based modifier that gives a boost of 50% to credit an experience income. You can buy this per day, week, month, etc. Premium time is shared between WoWP, WoWS and WoT.
  • Materials - Rewards for winning battles, where players who did best earn more than those who had a poor battle. These materials (there are 6 subtypes, see Materials) are used to improve equipment to better levels.
  • Tokens - Obtained by doing daily missionns and gaining medals. Currently tokens can be used to instantly unlock "Specialist" mode (page will follow) on an aircraft, or to demount improved equipment.

Previously tokens could be used in events to get various premium-type rewards.