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To customize the whole vehicle or just some parts, use one of the customization methods:

Preset styles are a pre-made set of customization elements for all types of maps. You can customize your vehicle in just one click.

Custom styles are a collection of different elements, which can be applied on your vehicle in various combinations. Choosing and combining elements on your own allows you to create a unique vehicle designs for each type of maps.

Historical Accuracy

All customization elements in the game can be historical or non-historical, the latter are marked with an icon Customization_non_historic_icon.png.

How does it affect the game?

Only historical elements and basic exteriors are displayed by default on all vehicles. Non-historical elements can be switched on in the game settings.

To turn on the display of non-historical exteriors:

  1. In your Garage, press Esc and select Settings.
  2. In the General tab, clear the Hide non-historical elements checkbox, then click OK.
  3. After you turn on the display of non-historical exteriors, you will see all customization styles on the battlefield.

Note that when you are creating a custom style, adding one non-historical element to your vehicle will turn the whole custom style into a non-historical style and ill not be displayed to other players with default settings.

Pay attention to the button Icon_list_1.png in the upper-right corner of the customization panel. Once you apply a non-historical element, a special icon Customization_non_historic_icon.png is displayed. If you want all players to see your vehicle’s custom style, click Icon_list_1.png and remove all non-historical elements from the list. If necessary, pick alternative options among the historical elements.

Custom Style

Custom styles are a range of customization elements that you can apply on your vehicle in various combinations.

exterior_paint_icon.png Paints
Every nation has a range of paints available for vehicle decoration. Paints can be applied on five vehicle parts - the hull, turret, suspension, gun and gun mantlet. Each part requires one bucket of paint. You will need up to five buckets to paint the whole vehicle for one type of maps.
exterior_camouflage_icon.png Camouflages
This exterior customization is functional and can enhance your vehicle’s concealment. You can apply three types of camouflage that automatically change depending on the map you are playing on.

Apart from different combinations, you can also edit the scale and, in some cases, the color palette for each camouflaged vehicle part.

To get a concealment bonus, you have to apply camouflage to the hull. If you camouflage only the turret and the gun, your vehicle’s visibility is not affected.

Exterior_emblem_icon14.png Decals
Large images that spread over several vehicle parts. You can scale and flip the image horizontally. The number of available slots for decals on the vehicle depends on their aspect ratio. Note: the number of decals applied simultaneously on a vehicle is limited to three.
exterior_emblem_icon.png Emblems
Vehicles can be decorated with emblems instead of standard flags and signs, like red Soviet stars or German crosses. Depending on the vehicle model, you can apply one or two emblems to it.
exterior_inscriptions_icon.png Inscriptions
A decorative element represented by a short text or number. Textual inscriptions are non-editable and can be either specific to a certain vehicle nation or applicable to any vehicle in the game. As an option, you can decorate your vehicle with a tactical number—an editable digit combination with a range of fonts available. Depending on the vehicle model, you can apply one or two inscriptions to its turret or hull.
exterior_effects_icon.png Effects
With effects, you can give your vehicle a battle-hardened look or make it shine like a brand new combat machine, fresh from the garage. Effects allow you to add wear or gloss to the paints and camouflages applied to your vehicle.

All exterior customizations are layered on each other in the same order as they are presented in the customization panel. For example, if you apply camouflage after painting your vehicle, the camouflage will cover the paint.

Preset Styles

Preset styles are a pre-made set of customization elements for all map types. Each preset style can include paints, camouflage, decals, inscriptions, emblems, and visual effects.

Preset styles can be divided into the following types:

  1. Rental styles. Styles that can be rented for any vehicle for a number of battles using credits.
  2. Main styles. Permanent styles for some vehicle tiers, available for gold for an unlimited number of battles.
  3. Special styles. Styles that can be received as a gift in special events, or earned in missions and some battle types, like Ranked battles.
  4. Unique styles. Rare 3D styles that can be obtained from Large Boxes during Holiday Ops and applied to Tier X vehicles.
Apart from the balanced design for all map types, preset styles usually provide a concealment bonus. Preset styles are applied to the whole vehicle.Depending on the adjustability, preset styles can be:
  1. Adjustable. Allows you to remove or replace elements that come with certain styles, such as the Flora adjustable 2D style.
  2. Adjustable after receiving progressive decals. Allows you to make adjustments to most preset styles in the game once you receive a progressive decal for the selected vehicle.
  3. Unadjustable. Does not allow you to edit styles, such as rental styles.

How to Apply/Remove

To apply a preset style to your vehicle:

  1. In your Garage, click Exterior. In the lower part of the screen, the exterior customization panel is displayed.
  2. Go to the PRESET STYLES tab on the customization panel.
  3. Select a style—it is automatically applied to your vehicle. To see the exterior design for other map types, switch between them on the left side of the screen.
  • To learn more about some of the styles — click custom_info.png (Style Details). The style's concealment bonus, historical accuracy, type, and description will be displayed in a panel on the right side of the screen.
  • While applying a Rental style, you can turn on automatic rent extension—click custom_button_001.png (Extend Rental Period) in the radial menu in the center of the screen.
  1. If you are applying an adjustable style, click customize_icon.png (Adjust Style) and edit it with the available customization elements.
  2. To rent or buy the selected style, click Go to Purchase in the upper-right corner of the customization panel. In the screen with the elements for purchase, click Purchase and Exit.

To undo all changes and cancel the purchase, click Cancel in the window above the Go to Purchase button. If you change your mind and decide not to buy one or more customization elements, clear the corresponding checkbox in the screen with the elements for purchase.

To remove a preset style from your vehicle:

  1. In your Garage, click Exterior.
  2. Go to the PRESET STYLES tab.
  3. Click the vehicle, then click custom_button_004_1.png (Remove Style) in the radial menu displayed.
  4. Click Apply and Exit in the upper-right corner of the customization panel.

Rental styles can be removed and reapplied to the same vehicle until the end of the rental period. However, they can’t be sold.