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The exterior of the tank can be enhanced by going to the Garage and clicking the "Exterior" button below the vehicle that you have selected. You can change the exterior on most vehicles in the game, except for a few pre-skinned premiums, such as the Defender; some others have a few categories unavailable, such as the Rudy, the Skorpion G and the Cromwell B.
For customizable vehicles, players can choose from preset styles that comes all in one, non separable, or to creat their own custom style. For custom styles, exterior elements are separately saved and applied for each of the 3 map types: summer, winter and desert.
Note: some elements are considered non-historical, and will not be displayed if the other viewers hide these in settings.

Preset Styles

All customizable vehicles have at least 2 preset styles available: 1 permanent national style, and 1 rent style lasting 100 battles. Special styles may be purchased or obtained in different events, and some are exclusive to a specific set of vehicles or unique to a single vehicle.

Custom Style

All customizable vehicles have Camouflage, Emblems and Inscriptions categories accessible. As of patch 1.4, other categories are only available to certain tiers as per description.


Paint changes the default vehicle color. Can be applied separately for up to 5 parts of the vehicle: suspension, hull, turret, mantlet and gun barrel. Available to all tiers.


Camouflage modifies the vehicle's exterior and provides a bonus to concealment. Within each map type you have a choice of several options depending on the nation of the vehicle. Can be applied to 3 parts of the vehicle: hull, turret and gun assembly (gun barrel + mantlet). Also note that opaque camo patterns will cover base paints beneath them.


Decals are applied to certain vehicles' external to add individuality. Vehicles can have many decal slots but can only apply up to 2 of them. 1:1 aspect ratio decals available to tiers VIII and X; 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, and 1:6 aspect ratio decals available to tiers X and VIII premiums.

Emblems and Inscriptions

You can add Emblems and Inscriptions to your vehicles. Theses give you no gameplay bonuses, but do change the appearance of your vehicle.

Types of Emblems and Inscriptions: There are five categories of Emblems to choose from:

  • Animals
Contains pictures of animals, their heads and pawprints. Also contains insects, reptiles and arachnids.
  • Military
Contains many pictures of skulls, swords, tools and stars. Similar to most Clan emblems.
  • Miscellaneous
Contains mostly cards, symbols and human heads.
  • Flags and coats of arms
Contains many European coats of arms and a wide range of national flags.
  • Special
Contains mostly icons of special events, achievements or festivities.

There are three categories of Inscriptions.

  • Tactical Numbers
Contains self-defined 3 digit number presented in different fonts. Note some combinations are forbidden.
  • Historical
Contains many inscriptions found on tanks from historical sources. The inscriptions are in the national language of the vehicle, so remember you may not be able to understand all inscriptions!
  • Special
Contains mottos and sometimes memes from the community, festive related inscriptions are also here.

Placement: Emblems and Inscriptions are placed on predetermined spots on the vehicle, most vehicles can display up to 2 Emblems and 2 Inscriptions simultaneously. However, some smaller vehicles only display 2 Emblems and 1 Inscription, and the tiniest vehicles can display only 1 Emblem and 1 Inscription. Emblems will replace that vehicle's national symbol that appears as 'standard' on the vehicle.


Effects modify the display of the paint coat, and are applied to the whole vehicle. Available to tiers VI, VIII, IX and X.


The cost of exterior components are fixed and no longer based on vehicle tier:

For custom style:

Paints cost 20 gold for each part;

Camouflage, Emblems and Inscriptions cost 50 gold each piece;

Decals cost from 100 gold for simple patterns to 160 gold for complex animal heads;

Effects cost 300 gold for each map type.

For preset styles:

"Black Widow", 750 gold, permanent. Available to tiers VI, VIII, IX and X.

Nation specific "Made in-" , 700 gold, permanent. Available to all vehicles.

Nation specific rental, 75,000 credits for 100 battles. Available to all vehicles.