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Historical battles

Historical battles

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Historical battles

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Historical_battle.png The historical battle is based on the familiar World of Tanks gameplay. It differs from the standard battle mode in a number of features:
  • In historical battles, only equipment that fought, in reality, takes part.
  • Each team represents one of the parties to the conflict.
  • Equipment goes into battle, equipped with those modules (guns, engines, etc.) that were installed historically on it.
  • The ammunition of the guns corresponds to the historical in the number and type of shells.
  • The number of premium shells allowed for use in historical ammunition is limited.

What are historical battles?

One of the key innovations of update 9.0 will be historical battles. This is the new World of Tanks game mode, dedicated to real historical battles and the technique that took part in them. This material will tell you how historical battles work, what features they have, and what everyone who is going to take part in should pay attention to.

Each historical battle scenario corresponds to a specific battle that took place in reality. In update 9.0. Players will be able to choose one of three scenarios: “Balaton operation”, “Ardennes operation” and “Battle of Kursk”. In the future, the list of historical battles will be supplemented. Players will have access to a certain number of scenarios of historical battles in each period of time. The list of scenarios will change periodically.

The set of equipment that is allowed to participate in each scenario corresponds to historical data.

In order to take part in the battle, the player needs to have a fighting vehicle from the list of participants in the scenario in the hangar.

Historical battles take place on maps that are as close as possible in terms of surroundings to the real terrain and time of year in which the battle took place.

How to take part in a historical battle?

The choice of the mode "Historical battle"

In order to take part in a historical battle, the player must select this mode in the list. After that, a window of historical battles will open. At the top of the window is a scenario selection carousel. When you select any of the scenarios currently available, the player will see an information window. It displays the following data:

  • Name of the battle.
  • A brief description and a button, when clicked, the player will be able to read the detailed information about the battle.
  • The map on which the battle will take place.
  • List of vehicles taking part in the battle.

Fighting vehicles in the list of available vehicles are sorted so that at the top of the list the player can see the tanks that he has in the hangar and are ready to participate in the battle. Then comes the technique that the player has, but is not ready for battle (incomplete crew, repairs are needed, the tank is in battle). The last in the list are cars that the player does not have in the hangar.

How goes the historical battles?

The main window of the Historical Battle mode

Historical battles take place in the modes of "Standard battle", "Oncoming battle" or "Storm". In the "Assault" mode, it is indicated which side is attacking and which is defending. For each scenario, a specific battle mode is set. A player can take part in historical battles if he has a tank in the hangar that is suitable for a specific scenario.

As already mentioned above, the modules that were equipped with it, in reality, should be installed on the tank taking part in the historical battle. For the convenience of the player, re-equipment of the tank is carried out automatically when you press the button Go to battle!

Historical modules are installed on the tank even if the player has not yet explored them. After exiting the Historical Battles mode, all modules that were equipped with it before entering the historical battle will be automatically returned to the player’s tank.

Historical configuration of the tank

When entering the mode of historical battles with a tank, a number of changes occur:

  • emblems are replaced with standard ones;
  • clan emblems are hidden;
  • if a suitable camouflage is not applied to the tank, the tank goes into battle without camouflage.
  • If inscriptions were applied to the tank, they remain unchanged.

Ammunition for historical combat corresponds to the real one both in the number of shells and in their type.

Historical ammunition is acquired automatically when you press the button in the battle! The cost of the ammunition is displayed in the tank maintenance window and when you hover over the information line in the historical battle window.

Shells can only be bought for loans, only for playing gold, or for loans and gold, depending on the type of shells.

If the player does not have enough funds to buy the ammunition, he will be warned about this by a special message.

After the battle is over, the player is returned funds (game gold or credits) for unused ammunition.

Historical ammunition and its cost

Tank service window in the “Historical Battle” mode

The duration of the historical battle is standard - 15 minutes. Victory conditions are also standard: capture an enemy base or destroy all enemy tanks.

If the historical battle takes place in the "Standard battle" or "Oncoming battle" mode, then the teams are randomly allocated to the bases. In the "Assault" mode, the bases are assigned to the parties to the conflict in a strictly defined way.

No changes are made to the tank crew in historical battles. The accumulation of crew experience and the effect of skills remain the same as in any other mode.

The accumulation of gaming experience and credits in historical battles is the same as in the standard mode. The player’s statistics on historical battles is considered separately, and you can see it by selecting the appropriate item in the “Statistics” tab of the “Achievements” screen.

Historical Battle Stats

The balancing of game battles differs from the standard. The formation of teams depends on the balanced weight of specific combat vehicles that participated in this battle.

The composition of the players in the "Historical Battle"

In update 9.0 in historical battles, you can take part only by yourself, the ability to play with a platoon will be added in one of the following updates.

Standard battle chat is available without restrictions.

The “Historical Battle” mode is available to each player. The gameplay of the mode corresponds to the usual gameplay in standard battles. At the same time, the features of balancing equipment, the composition of teams, and the historical configuration of combat vehicles will allow World of Tanks players to develop many new tactics and take a different look at their favorite game.