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In Development (WoT)

In Development (WoT)

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This page is not an absolutely reliable source, on the other hand, the informations on this page are given by in-supertest players, and are often uptdated to give you the most accurate and the most truthfull datas about the future projects of the game.


  • Premium shell rebalance is being tested on the sandbox server, stopped for now.
  • Waffenträger auf. E100 has been reworked in HD quality, has 2 variations on the supertest (one nerfed, one as we last saw it) , aswell as in the internal tests.
  • New branch of russian heavy tanks featuring a new game mechanic is currently on test.
  • Chieftain Mk.6 tests are stopped. No more informations about it.
  • Grille 15 is receiving a new 3D model for both hull and turret (planned for future updates).
  • Object 268 V5 tests are paused.
  • T54E2 is currently on the supertest.
  • M48A2 is currently on the supertest.
  • A43 BP Prototype is currently on the supertest.
  • M4A1 FL 10 is getting tested on the supertest.
  • Object 279 internal tests has stopped.


  • Fiery salient, Mittengard, Sacred valley, Stalingrad, Swamp, Windstorm, Winter himmelsdorf and Winterberg are currently out of the map rotation and will maybe be rendered in HD quality, but it's not a priority.
  • Currently on Supertest : Berlin, Pearl river and some other ones.
  • Minsk is currently on rework in supertest

Game Modes

  • "Historical Battles", work has paused, low-priority.
  • Work in progress on bots. Is planned to introduce bots in some other modes, for example in "Historical Battles" in low tier mass battles.


  • Weather change and time change is available within the core engine, but it is not a priority to work further on it at the moment.
  • More trees and vegetation will be inplemented soon.
  • Introducing Granite SDK 4.0 technology, which will alow to add in game D textures (till 8k) and photorealistic lightening. Loading time and the occuped memory size by textures will be reduced.
  • Ray-tracing technology will be introduced soon in the encore engine. (Apparently you will not need ray-tracing graphics cards to make it work.)


  • Introduction of the tanks' hull deformations.
  • Introduction of a new physic system for the objects on the tank / turret.
  • Introduction of more objects destructions using the Havok engine in the future updates.
  • Turret and gun collision models could be implemented in the future.

In-Game Mechanics

  • Multi-turret mechanic, not a priority to work further on it at the moment.
  • Multi gun firing mechanic, already tested in the Leviathan's event on Halloween. Now being tested on the supertest for the new branch of Russian Heavy tanks. The option of firing two guns simultaneous or separately from each other is currently available.

User Interface

  • Clearer in-game user interface, with tips and tricks to configure it as you want.
  • More simple features for the newcomming players.


  • A system for Thanksgiving
  • Roaming system, scrapped for now
  • New customization system with 3D objects and more colors / camouflages to apply on the tanks.


  • Remember, anything mentioned on this page is subject to change.
  • Also remember, everybody can write in here with a World of Tanks account, not just Supertesters<<<

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