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Random_battle.png Encounter.png Team_battle.png
Battle Tier limit
Size, m
Map type
  • Map
  • Standard battle
  • Encounter Battle
Visualised terrain resistance.
Red is soft- and green is hard terrain.
Unmarked areas are medium terrain.

A small town dominates the center of the map, with a large forest providing concealment in the east and high ground to the west. The forest provides effective concealment but lacks cover from fire; whereas the town has a plentiful cover, but lacks concealment.


This is one of those maps that have two main strategy paths: The forest in the East, and the hilly plains in the west. The whole key to doing well in both parts of the map is to have either a tank with good gun depression and great armor, which means heaven for American Heavies like the T29. Other tanks will have a bit of trouble here, so they need to use their strengths well. In the forest, you need to be vigilant, as there are many corners that tanks can pop around. The trees will also make it hard for scouts to detect other enemy tanks, so they should be careful if scouting here.

If you are a tank destroyer and you end up on this map, it is viable to go to the west and snipe enemies from on top the hills or ridges or to do so closer to your base. Heavies can trade shots where the base would be in an encounter match if any decide to take this route. Mediums may be able to flank the enemy if they can avoid the tank destroyers waiting for them to peek their heads around the corner of the ridge.

The town in the center of the map could be a great place to hit enemies in both the east and west parts of the map. But be careful, for enemy artillery, will be waiting for you.


Murovanka, in its first iteration, had each teams spawn on opposite corners (Northeast for the North spawn, Southwest for the South spawn). This imbalance, in conjunction with several camping hotspots (the forest, the buildings and bushes directly to the south of it, and the hilly area in the northwestern corner of the map, which the northern team could easily seize and effectively shut down the A and B lines), meant that in addition to the map favoring the northern spawn, it was also an incredibly dull experience, and camping in the "magic forest" of Murovanka essentially became the meta.

Luckily, Wargaming recognized this, and increased the map size from 800x800 to 1000x1000 in update 9.3, in addition to thinning out the forest, putting a town in the middle of the A and B lines to provide cover for the southern team, adding hills into the forest for more cover for advancing vehicles, removing the hill in the southeast corner, and moving the capture circles to the middle of the back of the map. These changes immediately breathed life into a previously very stale map, and the sweeping changes were so effective that as of 2022, aside from the map being graphically enhanced in update 1.0, only minor changes have been made since update 9.3 in the latter half of 2014. Below is an image showing the evolution of Murovanka, starting with the 9.2 and earlier version on the left, the 9.3 iteration in the middle, and the current Murovanka map on the right.

Murovanka in its pre-9.3 form (left), 9.3 form (center), and 1.19 version (right).

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