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Shell Types

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There are two types of shells in the game: High Explosive (HE) and Armour Piercing (AP). They vary significantly and players must understand their differences in characteristics in order to maximize damage output.

HE, when fired, is visualized by a bright yellow streak in flight. It detonates immediately upon impact, causing a cube of splash damage, the centre being the detonation point. The damage done to the ship is based on the alpha of the shell and the level of saturation of the affected area. Module damage starts at the point of impact and lessens as the distance increases from the point of impact. A module does have a predetermined level of health. When a high enough threshold of damage (percentage) is reached, the module is incapacitated temporarily, but can be restored by using the damage control party consumable.

AP, when fired, glows white as it soars towards the target. Its shells are designed to punch through several layers of armour, donating deep inside the ship and causing massive internal damage to the citadel. AP shells contain timed fuses, which are activated upon arming on a sufficiently thick surface. AP shells can penetrate into armoured modules such as turrets and permanently destroy them. AP damage does not vary by range, but penetration is heavily affected by distance and angle.

Result of Impact by Shell Type
Action HE AP
Overpenetration No Yes
Start Fires Yes No
Ricochet No Yes
Damage Citadel Yes, rarely Yes, frequently
Damage Modules Yes Yes
Shatter Yes, but may cause fire Yes


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