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Account Level

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World of Warships offers players a smooth progression by introducing new content step-by-step. These milestones are represented by Account Levels in the Service Record under the "Profile" tab in the Port screen. By playing in battles, captains also raise their Account Level and unlock new opportunities as well as rewards. Below is a list of the most important milestones currently available in the game. More features, game modes, and content will be added with time. Keep a lookout!

Account level also influences matchmaking. Through level 10, players in Tier I-IV matches are less likely to face highly experienced opponents.

Account Level 1

Co-op Battles

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 0
Becomes available:

All players start their World of Warships journey at Account Level 1, which grants them access to Co-op battles. New captains will be pitted against computer-AI-controlled ships as they discover the basics of game play.

Account Level 2

Ship Research and Upgrades

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 1
Becomes available:

  • Research and purchase of modules and ships

Upon reaching Account Level 2, a player is granted access to the various national tech trees[1] in the game, allowing him to purchase new ships and also improved modules — such as range or hull upgrades — for existing ships.

Account Level 3

Random Battles

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 3
Becomes available:

Account Level 3 allows a player to fight in Random Battles, potentially earning more experience and credits than in Co-op. In Random battles, players battle other players as opposed to the computer-controlled bots they previously fought.

Account Level 4


Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 5
Becomes available:

Attaining Account Level 4 grants the player the ability to mount Camouflage and Signals on his ships.

Camouflage provides a variety of bonuses, from reductions in spotting range and confusion for enemy gunners, to additional credit earnings, to additional experience for the ship and commander at the conclusion of battle. Plus, most of them look cool.

Signals are earned from achievements and other sources and are expended on use. Some of them provide significant buffs to experience and credits earned in battle, while others grant small buffs to ship performance.

Account Level 5


Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 7
Becomes available:

Containers become available at Account Level 5, providing a player with additional opportunities to earn credits, consumable items, free experience, resources, and — potentially — rare rewards like premium ships! Most containers are earned by acquiring regular ship experience in battle — up to three such per day.

Account Level 6

Free XP

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 9
Becomes available:

At Account Level 6, a player start earning Free Experience (FXP). Free experience can be spent on unlocking new ships and upgrades as needed, and undistributed experience can be converted to free experience using DoubloonsDoubloons.

Account Level 7

Ship Commander

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 11
Becomes available:

Account Level 7 introduces a player to one of the most important mechanics in World of Warships: Commanders. Just like the ship, the commander assigned to her also earns experience in battle, acquiring skills that further customize and improve a ship's performance.

Account Level 8

Combat Missions

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 13
Becomes available:

  • Combat Missions

Account Level 8 grants access to Missions and Challenges. These tasks provide additional rewards above and beyond those attained through regular battle, and vary from additional credits or experience, to earning a brand new ship just for playing the game!

Account Level 9


Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 15
Becomes available:

Upgrades become available to players at Account Level 9, allowing captains to customize and improve the performance of various aspects of the ships in their port. Ships can mount as many as six upgrades, depending on the ship tier.

Account Level 10


Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 17
Becomes available:

Having achieved Account Level 10, a player is able to participate in Campaigns. Campaigns are long-term projects in World of Warships, as players choose certain tasks to pursue towards unlocking an overall reward. Completing each task likewise awards credits, flags, free experience, and more!

Account Level 11


Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 19
Becomes available:

Account Level 12


Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 21
Becomes available:

Reaching Account Level 12 grants a player the ability to queue up for Operations. Operations are challenging PvE (Player vs. Environment) encounters that pit a team of 7 players against a series of increasingly difficult AI-controlled bot opponents, while working towards a list of primary and secondary objectives. Rewards for top performance include camouflage, flags, commanders, and even Premium time!

Account Level 13

Inventory Management

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 65
Becomes available:

  • Inventory

Reaching Account Level 13 grants a player access to the Inventory screen for centralized management of ship modules, signals, camouflages, upgrades, consumables, etc.

Account Level 14

Ranked Battles

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 130
Becomes available:

Ranked Battles become accessible to players who have earned Account Level 14. Ranked Battles provide a more team-focused experience over Random Battles, while granting unique rewards up to and including reward ships that are only attainable by playing Ranked games!

Account Level 14 also enables the use of Flags, Flags can be earned in various ways such as completing Collections, Containers, from the Armoury and more. National Flags are available automatically to factions of multiple nationalities such as the Commonwealth, Pan-Europe and Pan-Asia factions.

Account Level 15

Clan Battles, Training Room

Total number of battles needed to reach this level: 200
Becomes available:

In order to experience the challenge of Clan Battles, a clan member must first attain Account Level 15. Level 15 members have the ability to join their clan on the battlefield, queuing up as a group to challenge others on their server's Clan Rating leader boards. Also at Level 15, a player may begin to use Training Rooms to hone his skills.


  1. A tech tree is an ordered set of increasingly powerful ships, branched by type (battleships, cruisers, destroyers, carriers) for a national navy. Your first ship is the base of that nation's tech tree.