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Aerial Bomb Data

Aerial Bomb Data

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Aerial Bomb Types
Icon Description
HE_Bomb_Squadron.png High Explosive Bombs are packed with impact-fused high explosive, with the primary intent of inflicting high amounts of module damage and setting fires.
AP_Bomb_Squadron.png Armor-Piercing Bombs have armor-piercing caps and are fused to penetrate the extra layers of horizontal armor found on battleships, as well as some cruisers and aircraft carriers. They tend to over-penetrate when used against light ships.
Bombs Equipped
Nation Bomb Type Damage Armor Penetrated Fire Chance Deployed Aboard
Wows_flag_USA.png AN-M64 7,300 42mm 41% IV Langley
Wows_flag_USA.png AN-M65 9,200 53mm 52% VI Ranger, VIII Lexington
Wows_flag_USA.png AN-M62 4,900 244mm N/A VIII Enterprise
Wows_flag_USA.png AN-M66 11,200 67mm 64% VIII Saipan, X Midway, X Franklin D. Roosevelt
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 99 No. 25 mod. 2 2,500 174mm N/A IV Hosho
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 99 No. 25 mod. 1 4,600 -- N/A VI Ryujo
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 3 No. 25 Mk. 4 5,100 228mm N/A VI Ryujo, VIII Shokaku
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 2 No. 50 Mk. 1 6,200 283mm N/A VIII Shokaku
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 90 No. 50 Mk. 2 8,800 55mm 50% VIII Kaga
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 99 No. 80 Mk. 5 6,800 351mm N/A X Hakuryu
Wows_flag_Germany.png PC 500a 4,000 149mm N/A IV Rhein
Wows_flag_Germany.png SC 1000 12,200 68mm 69% VI Loewenhardt
Wows_flag_Germany.png PC 500c 7,000 227mm N/A VI Weser, VIII Parseval
Wows_flag_Germany.png PD 500 5,800 334mm N/A VIII Graf Zeppelin
Wows_flag_Germany.png PC 500 7,800 256mm N/A VIII Parseval, X Richthofen
Wows_flag_Germany.png PC 1,000 8,800 331mm N/A X Richthofen
Wows_flag_UK.png 40 lb. G.P. Bomb 2,300 18mm 8.7% IV Hermes
Wows_flag_UK.png 40 lb. G.P. Bomb 2,300 19mm 9% VI Ark Royal
Wows_flag_UK.png 250 lb. G.P. Bomb 4,700 32mm 27% VI Furious, VIII Indomitable
Wows_flag_UK.png 250 lb G.P. Bomb Mk.I 5,600 32mm 32% VIII Implacable
Wows_flag_UK.png 500 lb. G.P. Bomb 6,400 41mm 36% X Audacious