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Aerial Rocket Data

Aerial Rocket Data

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Aerial Rocket Types
Icon Description
Ammo_Fighter.png High Explosive Rockets explode on contact with a surface. They have significant damage-dealing potential and high chances of causing fire or incapacitating modules.
Ammo_fighter_ap.png Armor-Piercing Rockets penetrate armor and explode inside the ship, causing significant damage to its combat-critical departments. The fuse will arm if the armor is thick enough; if not, the rocket will over-penetrate and cause significantly less damage.
Aerial Rocket Data
Nation Rocket Type Damage Armor
Fire Chance Deployed Aboard
Wows_flag_USA.png 5-inch FFAR 1,900 27 mm 7% Icon_default_aircarrier.png IV Langley, Icon_default_aircarrier.png VI Ranger,
Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Lexington, Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VIII Enterprise
Wows_flag_USA.png HVAR 127 mm 2,000 33 mm 7% Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Lexington, Icon_default_aircarrier.png X Midway,
Icon_default_aircarrier.png XI United States
Wows_flag_USA.png Wows_flag_Pan_Asia.png Tiny Tim 5,400 68 mm 33% Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Lexington, Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VIII Saipan(B),
Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VIII Sanzang, Icon_default_battleship_premium.png IX Kearsarge,
Icon_default_aircarrier.png X Midway
Wows_flag_USA.png HVAR 127 mm 1,650 32 mm 5% Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png X Franklin D. Roosevelt
Wows_flag_USA.png 11.75-inch AR Rocket mod. 1 8,700 76 mm 70% Icon_default_aircarrier.png XI United States
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 3 No. 6 Mk. 27 2,200 28 mm 8% Icon_default_aircarrier.png IV Hosho, Icon_default_aircarrier.png VI Ryujo,
Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Shokaku, Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VIII Kaga(B)
Wows_flag_Japan.png Type 5 No. 6 Mk. 9 3,150 30 mm 14% Icon_default_aircarrier.png X Hakuryu, Icon_default_aircarrier.png XI Sekiryu
Wows_flag_SSSR.png RS-132 2,150 26 mm 8% Icon_default_aircarrier.png IV Komsomolets
Wows_flag_SSSR.png RS-132M 2,800 37 mm 12% Icon_default_aircarrier.png VI Serov
Wows_flag_SSSR.png S-21M 3,500 40 mm 17% Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Pobeda
Wows_flag_SSSR.png S-21 4,050 40 mm 22% Icon_default_aircarrier.png X Admiral Nakhimov
Wows_flag_Germany.png RZ-73 1,700 141 mm -- Icon_default_aircarrier.png IV Rhein, Icon_default_aircarrier.png VI Weser
Wows_flag_Germany.png Panzerbrechend L/4.8 2,350 184mm -- Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VI Loewenhardt, Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Parseval
Wows_flag_Germany.png Wfr.Gr.21E 4,450 40 mm 25% Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VIII Graf Zeppelin(B)
Wows_flag_Germany.png Panzerbrechend 2 L/4.8 3,100 277 mm -- Icon_default_aircarrier.png X Richthofen
Wows_flag_UK.png RP-3 18 lb. Mk.I 1,300 20 mm 4% Icon_default_aircarrier.png IV Hermes
Wows_flag_UK.png RP-3 60 lb No1 Mk.I 1,500 26 mm 5% Icon_default_aircarrier.png VI Furious, Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VI Ark Royal,
Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Implacable
Wows_flag_UK.png RP-3 60 lb No1 Mk.I 2,100 28 mm 9% Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VIII Indomitable
Wows_flag_UK.png RP-3 60 lb No2 Mk.I 2,350 28 mm 9% Icon_default_aircarrier.png VIII Implacable, Icon_default_aircarrier.png X Audacious,
Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png X Malta, Icon_default_aircarrier.png XI Eagle
Wows_flag_Italy.png RZ.65 1,150 122 mm -- Icon_default_aircarrier_premium.png VIII Aquila