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Captain's Logbook

Captain's Logbook

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The Captain's Logbook is an in-game feature[1] that displays the loot that has accumulated over the life of the account.

The Logbook treats the items as parts of a large personal collection, showing which of all possible items you have obtained and which you haven't. Completion of the parts of the "collection" will yield rewards (currently unspecified).


In the Port screen of the game client, click on your nickname in the upper-left. From the drop-down menu select "Captain's Logbook"


The Captain's Logbook comprises five sections. All sections feature filters, display settings, and the option to search by name, as well as an option to hide certain items.

Each section has an individual personal collection progress bar, while the main page has an overall progress bar that reflects the completion status of the entire Captain's Logbook.


Special and Premium ships in your personal collection.

Filters for nation, ship type, and tier facilitate easier navigation within the section. When you hover the cursor over a specific ship, a pop-up tooltip with her short description will appear.


Unique Commanders in your personal collection.

Filters limit what's displayed — for example, only Commanders with enhanced skills, or only historical Commanders.

Camouflage Patterns

A list of permanent camouflage patterns with filters for nation, tier, and ship type.


Award, commemorative, and special flags are sources of particular pride for their owners, and are easily recognized in battle. By exploring this section, you'll quickly and easily discover which flags you are already able to fly over your ships.


Patches are an important military decoration element the world over. In this section, you'll be able to see which backgrounds and symbols are already in your personal collection, and which ones you are yet to obtain.


The majority of in-game items count towards progress in completing the Captain's Logbook. However, two separate categories of items also exist: rare and additional.

Items that fall into the rare category are either very hard or no longer possible to obtain in the game. They are marked with a golden border and aren't counted towards progress in completing the Captain's Logbook.

Additional items are unusual items that also are not counted towards progress in completing the Captain's Logbook, but that differ from rare items. This category also includes, as a rule, custom items that are related to collaborations with other projects. You can hide such items by selecting the respective display setting.


  1. Introduced in Update 0.8.11.