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Clan Battles

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A quick overview of clan battles.
Available to players of Access Level 17 and higher, Clan Battles offer captains the opportunity to team up with their clan mates and face off against teams from other clans in epic sea battles. Ascending to the Typhoon league and playing enough games there will reward players with a commemorative flag, and if they are able to repeat the feat across several seasons, they can earn unique reward ships!

Game Format

Divisions for Clan Battles must be formed under the following restrictions:

  • A Clan Division must be led by a Clan commander or executive officer or recruiter.
  • Only Tier X ships may be used, Tier VIII ships (depending on the season), Tier IX ships (depending on the season), or only Tier VI ships (depending on the season).
  • Seven players (or six on Tier VIII) group up and enter the queue simultaneously (they must be from the same clan).
  • Players may only queue for Clan Battles during specific hours on select days (that vary by season).
  • Only one (1) battleship is allowed.
  • No aircraft carriers are allowed.
  • There are no restrictions on the quantity of destroyers and cruisers a team may take.
  • Starting from Season 9 one aircraft carrier is allowed.
  • In Season 11 one aircraft carrier and one battleship or two battleships are allowed.
  • In Season 12 two battleships are allowed.
  • In Season 14 two battleships or two aircraft carriers or one battleship and one aircraft carrier are allowed.
  • In Season 15 and 16 two battleships and no aircraft carriers are allowed.
  • In Season 17 one battleship, two superships and no aircraft carriers are allowed.
  • In Season 18 one battleship and no aircraft carriers are allowed.
  • In Season 19 two battleships, no aircraft carriers and no submarines are allowed.
  • In Season 20 two battleships, no aircraft carriers and no submarines are allowed.
    • After three weeks, only one battleship is allowed.
  • In Season 21 an unlimited amount of battleships are allowed, but no aircraft carriers and no submarines are allowed.
    • After one week, only one battleship is allowed.

Rental Ships

Players without a Tier X ship that wish to participate in Clan Battles will have access to a limited pool of rental ships. Each group of available ships includes one destroyer, one cruiser, and one battleship; the available ships will rotate approximately every three weeks.

The Clan Battle configuration of "Mountain Range".
Rental ships operate under the following rules:
  • Players receive these ships temporarily, and the ships are removed when the season of Clan Battles ends.
  • They can only be used in Clan Battles.
  • Rental ships cannot mount camouflage.
  • Commanders may be re-assigned to rental ships without penalty.
  • Rental ships generate the same amount of credits, experience, Free XP, and Commander XP as ordinary ships.
  • When rental ships are removed: their Commanders are automatically sent to the Reserve; any upgrades, consumables, and signals are moved to the Inventory; experience earned with a rented ship is transferred to the starting ship of the respective nation.
  • If the ships have alternative modules — such as Shimakaze’s torpedoes — they can be mounted at no cost.


Each map appears in a domination point configuration unique to Clan Battles. These new capture point configurations still present a team with the challenge of splitting up or staying together; aggressive maneuvers should pay more dividends than a defensive stance, hopefully leading to battles that are more dynamic and more variable game tactics. More maps will be added into the rotation gradually in order to support a more dynamic play experience.
When creating a Clan Division, the class restrictions are clearly displayed.


Several teams from the same Сlan may be in the queue for battle at the same time. The results of every battle will be applied to a Сlan's Rating consequently after each of the ongoing battles involving the Сlan's teams is over.

  • Rating is linked to a Clan.
  • Team matchmaking will be based on your Clan's skill level, which is manifested through the League and Group your Clan occupies. The more battles your Clan plays, the more efficiently your opposing teams will be selected.
  • In most cases, your Clan will not be matched with any of the Clans you've just fought against. However, this situation may occur following a server reboot.
  • A team cannot be matched with another team from the same Clan.


The economy is tweaked to make sure all players within a team receive the same amount of resources. For a win, teams receive a lot more than in Random Battles, while a defeat brings a lot less.

For every victory in a Clan Battle, players receive 2,500 base XP and 300,000Credits (before all modifiers mounted on a player's ship are applied). By winning a Clan Battle with a ship carrying standard consumables — and given the average cost of ammunition at 20,000 credits — players receive 100,000Credits for winning a battle, or lose 50,000Credits for losing a battle. With Premium account, players should receive around 250,000Credits for a victorious battle or 30,000Credits for a lost battle.

For a defeat, every participant of a Clan Battle gets 250 base XP and 150,000Credits (before all modifiers are applied). In a draw, both teams get the same amount of XP and credits as in a defeat.

All possible modifiers (camouflage patterns, Premium Account, ongoing campaign bonuses, signal flags, etc.) are allowed in Clan Battles. The default servicing cost for all Tier X ships is 180,000Credits, but may change depending on the modifiers applied.

If a battle lasts for less than four and a half minutes, players on both teams receive neither experience nor credits for that battle. This restriction has been introduced to avoid any unsportsmanlike conduct in battles. All teams that have this ratio applied during a battle for the first time will be kept under scrutiny and their battles will be subject to frequent reviews, just like battles involving all Clans with battle duration times close to that value. If a Clan is subject to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty again, it will be banned from Clan Battles.

In Clan Battles, the same standard protection against AFK players is applied as in other battle modes. Players that fail to inflict damage to enemy ships and cover the minimum required travel distance will have their battle XP and credits reset to 0, though they will be charged for the ship servicing and ammunition costs.

Other Special Rules

The active skills of Legendary Commanders cannot activate during Clan Battles, however their passive skills do. For example, a Kleber with unique commander Philippe Auboyneau will not activate special talent Fire and Fury upon earning a 'Captured' ribbon. However, if it has the Survivability Expert skill, it will receive the enhanced version of the skill.


The specific maps, times, and rental ships for each season of clan battles is below.

Season 1 - "Hotspot" (18 October - 17 December 2017)

Season 2 - "Islands of Ice" (9 February - 16 April 2018)

Season 3 - "Sleeping Giant" (30 June - 19 August 2018)

Season 4 - "North" (28 November 2018 - 20 January 2019)

Season 5 - "Land of Fire" (3 April - 26 May 2019)

Season 6 - "Neighbors" (31 July - 15 September 2019)

Season 7 - "Crash Zone Alpha" (23 October - 9 December 2019)

Season 8 - "Sea of Fortune" (22 January - 9 March 2020)

Season 9 - "Warrior's Path" (15 April - 8 June 2020)

Season 10 - "Loop" (15 July - 30 August 2020)

Season 11 - "Northern Waters" (7 October - 23 November 2020)

Season 12 - "Greece" (24 February - 11 April 2021)

Season 13 - "Tears of the Desert" (26 May - 12 July 2021)

Season 14 - "Piranha" (18 August - 08 October 2021)

Season 15 - "Narwhal" (17 November 2021 - 16 January 2022)

Season 16 - "Albatross" (23 February 2022 - 11 April 2022)

Season 17 - "Cayman" (25 May 2022 - 10 July 2022)

Season 18 - "Sirenidae" (17 August 2022 - 3 October 2022)

Season 19 - "Barracuda" (9 November 2022 - 16 Janurary 2023)

Season 20 - "Salamander" (23 February 2022 - 10 April 2023)

Season 21 - "Cachalot" (31 May 2023 - 17 July 2023)

Season 22 - "Anaconda" (23 August 2023 - 9 October 2023)

Season 23 - "Triton" (15 November 2023 - 8 January 2024)

Season 24 - "Sea Dragon" (14 February 2024 - 8 April 2024)

Clan Battles Season 24 will be played in a 7 vs. 7 format with Tier X ships and superships.

Maps: Hotspot, Islands of Ice, Shatter, Warrior's Path, Sleeping Giant, Riposte, and Tears of the Desert.

Mode: Battles on all maps are fought in Domination mode.

Starting Restrictions:

  • No aircraft carriers and submarines in battles.
  • No more than one battleship.
  • No more than one supership.
  • No more than one Petropavlovsk per team.
  • Limit on the number of Napoli and Marseille: one team may not have more than two of these ships in total.

Updated restrictions as of 8 March 2024:

  • Limit on the number of Napoli and Condé: one team may not have more than 1 of these ships in total.
  • Limit on the number of Marseille: one team may not have more than 1 of these ships in total.
  • Limit on the number of Petropavlovsk, St. Vincent and Vermont: one team may not have more than 1 of these ships in total.

Ships that have analogs (such as Black Friday ships or collaboration ships) are automatically subject to restrictions if there are restrictions on the original ship.

Information on the website: Clan Battles: "Sea Dragon" Season

Note that the maps listed on the website article are incorrect. The corrected maps are listed here.

Victory leads to progression through the various leagues.


Clans that participate in Clan Battles will vie for ranking on a tiered leader board that spans five leagues. The leagues are:

Logo League Name
Cvc_league_0.png Hurricane
Cvc_league_1_210.png Typhoon
Cvc_league_2_210.png Storm
Cvc_league_3_210.png Gale
Cvc_league_4_210.png Squall

Rating Points

Each League has three Groups, each Group requiring 100 points to ascend to the next. All points beyond that 100 roll over into the next Group/League. All Clans start in Squall League, Group II. A Clan gains or loses points in each Clan Battle depending on the outcome:

  • Victory: Average of +25 points.
  • Defeat: Average of -25 points.
  • Draw: 0 to -3 points.

Progression Battles

Once they've climbed through every group in the League, a Clan must fight through a series of five Progression Battles and win at least three of them. A victory sends the Clan to the next League with a 35-point bonus, while a defeat keeps the Clan in the same league with a 35-point loss. If a Clan doesn't fight the Progression Battles, they don't advance!

Alternatively, if a Clan loses enough points to fall to the bottom of their current League, they must win three out of five Relegation Battles to keep from getting kicked down to the league below with a 35-point penalty. However, they get a 35-point bonus if they succeed. Once a Clan hits zero points in Squall League, Group III, they've hit rock bottom and won't lose any additional points.


Rewards for Clan Battle participation consisted of a series of missions that awarded a mixture of credits, doubloons, flags, and Free XP for winning a certain number of battles in each league.

Initially, after winning 30 battles in Typhoon League, players were awarded a Stalingrad Flag that could be exchanged — with two additional flags — for Tier X premium Soviet cruiser Stalingrad. This was changed shortly before Season 3 to the steel system, via the Armory.

Currently, the primary reward of Clan Battles is in the form of steel(Steel) that can be spent in the Armory on special reward ships that are not available via any other means, such as Plymouth, Shikishima, Bourgogne, or Stalingrad.