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The Collections screen is located in the Profile section of the main menu.
Introduced in Update 0.6.5, collections are a way for players to earn unique collectibles, fill albums, and build complete collections to earn a special reward!

How Collections Work

You can usually find collection items in Containers, and each item has an equal chance to appear.

  • A separate album is added to a player's account for each collection after they earn the first item from a collection, but the button to see the album only becomes visible in their tab after obtaining that first item.
  • Collection items cannot be sold, so when players earn an item already in one of their collections, it is considered a "duplicate".
  • Duplicates can be exchanged for missing collection items. Simply select an item you don't have instead of duplicates and exchange it; exchange rates vary by collection.
  • After a collection is complete, any remaining duplicates automatically convert into credits.
  • Several collections can be completed by purchasing containers specific to that collection in the Armory using coal.
  • Some collections have a subscription option to receive items randomly in daily supply crates by selecting the "collecting" option on the collection's screen. Players can only subscribe to one collection at a time.
  • A few collections were only available to be started by completing a campaign but have an open-ended completion date accomplished by subscription. An example that is still available to start is the Yamamoto Isoruku collection started by completing the permanent Yamamoto Isoroku campaign.

Available Collections

Below is the list of collections currently available for completion in World of Warships. Some collections previously ran for a limited time during an in-game event but are now available to be started and completed by other methods.

List of Available Collections
Emblem Collection Name Number of Items Original Dates Availability
PCZA004_Yamamoto.png Yamamoto Isoruku Collection 40 Permanent Campaign
"Yamamoto Isoroku"
Campaign, Premium Container, Subscription
PCZA009_AmericanArc-1.png "American Cruisers" Collection 48 Permanent Campaign
"Hit Hard Hit Fast Hit Often"
Campaign, Armory Containers, Subscription
PCZA002_Bismarck.png The Hunt for Bismarck Collection 24 18 May 2017 -
7 June 2017
Armory Containers
PCZA003_Dunkirk.png "Dunkirk" Collection 16 19 July 2017 -
2 August 2017
Armory Containers
PCZA008_Vivalafrance.png Vive La France Collection 18 9 February 2018 -
28 March 2018
Armory Containers
PCZA005_HappyBirthday.png "2 Years of World of Warships" Collection 16 13 September 2017 -
28 September 2017
Armory Containers
PCZA006_HappyNewYear2018.png Battle of the North Cape Collection 16 20 December 2017 -
19 January 2018
Armory Containers
PCZA010_HappyBirthday2018.png "3 Years of World of Warships" Collection 16 Armory Containers
PCZA013_HappyNewYear2019.png Belle Époque Collection 16 Armory Containers
PCZA012_BritishArc.png Royal Navy Destroyers Collection 16 Update 0.7.11 Armory Containers, Subscription
PCZA014_BritishCVArc.png Naval Aviation Collection 16 Update 0.8.1 Armory Containers, Subscription
PCZA016_SovietBBArc.png In the Service of the Motherland Collection 32 Update 0.8.4 Armory Containers, Subscription
PCZA017_FrenchDDArc.png Legion of Honor Collection 16 Update 0.8.7 - Update 0.8.8 Armory Containers, Subscription
PCZA018_ITCA_0810.png Resolute and Rapid Collection 16 Update 0.8.11 Armory Containers
PCZA019_HappyNewYear2020.png Shipbuilding Collection 20 Update 0.8.11 Armory Containers
PCZA022_GF097.png German Navy Collection 36 Update 0.9.7 Armory Containers, Subscription
PCZA023_BD098.png Five Epochs of the Navy Collection 30 Permanent Campaign
"Five Epochs of the Navy"
Update 0.9.8
PCZA024_USABB_0910.png Always Courageous Collection 16 Update 0.9.10 Armory Containers
PCZA025_GERDD_1004.png German Destroyers Collection 16 Update 0.10.4 Armory Containers
PCZA026_BD6_1008.png 6 Years of World of Warships Collection 60 Update 0.10.8 Gift Containers
PCZA028_NY2022.png Christmas and New Year in the Navy Collection 24 Update 0.10.11 Armory Containers, Mission Containers
PCZA029_ITDD_0_11_3.png Italian Destroyer Collection 18 Update 0.11.3 Armory Containers, Mission Containers
PCZA031_BD2022_QUEST.png Seven Seas Collection 16 Update 0.11.8 Unknown

Limited Availability Collections

The below collections are either started through external means or are no longer available to start but may still be completed through subscription.

List of Limited Availability Collections
Emblem Collection Name Number of Items Original Dates Availability
PCZA007_HSF2018.png High School Fleet Collection 35 18 January 2018 -
29 May 2018
PCZA021_CAPT.png Bad Advice: Behind the Scenes Collection 23 April Fools 2020 News Button, Redemption Code, Subscription
PCZA020_Kots.png King of the Sea Collection 16 Watching Tournament, Armory Containers (Community Tokens)
PCZA015_AzurLane.png Azur Lane Collection 36 Premium and Free Containers, News Button, Subscription
PCZA027_TFTM_108.png The Transformers: The Movie 35th Anniversary Collection 32 Update 0.10.8 Armory Containers

Unavailable Collections

The below collections are no longer available for completion.

List of Unavailable Collections
Emblem Collection Name Number of Items Original Dates
PCZA011_Ovechkin.png The Great Eight Collection 12 Update 0.7.10