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Engine Boost Data

Engine Boost Data

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This consumable enhances a ship's engine power and top speed. It is found on all but British destroyers, but it can often be swapped out for Defensive AA Fire (While active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased.) on some late-hull American destroyers and high-tier Russian destroyers. It is also available to French cruisers from tier VI onwards and to French battleships from tier VIII onwards. French ships typically have an enhanced Engine Boost compared to the normal variation.

When activated, a boost that grants +8% will provide an 8% increase in top speed. This means a ship with 35 knot top speed will reach 37.8 knots. The use of this consumable also grants a significant engine power bonus, enabling the ship to accelerate and decelerate much faster, although the exact amount is not given. It can be used to improve maneuverability when attempting to dodge incoming shells and torpedoes. If captains are rushing to attack/defend an area, this consumable should be used as well.

A ship's engine smoke will visually appear much thicker during the duration of the consumable. However this effect is purely cosmetic. Engine Boost has no impact on a ship's concealment value.

Although British destroyers do not have this consumable, they have excellent initial engine power by default. This means that although their top speed is limited, their acceleration from stop is even faster than other destroyers with Engine Boost active.
*: This does not apply to premium British destroyers. They have normal initial engine power and Engine Boost consumable, similar to destroyers of other nations.

Consumable_PCY007_SpeedBooster.png Consumable_PCY015_SpeedBoosterPremium.png
Cost: Free Cost: 22,500Credits
Ship Tier Nation(s) Duration (seconds) Speed Bonus Cooldown (seconds) Charges Cooldown (seconds) Charges
Campbeltown *
Gallant *
Cossack *
III, VI, VIII Wows_flag_UK.png 120 +8% 180 2 120 3
Le Terrible
VI, VIII Wows_flag_France.png 120 +20% 180 2 120 3
Georgia IX Wows_flag_USA.png 180 +15% 120 2 90 3
Bourgogne X Wows_flag_France.png 180 +15% 120 2 90 3
Grozovoi X Wows_flag_SSSR.png 120 +8% 180 1 120 2
All Battleships VIII - X Wows_flag_France.png 180 +8% 180 2 120 3
All Cruisers VI - VII Wows_flag_France.png 180 +15% 180 2 120 3
All Cruisers VIII - X Wows_flag_France.png 180 +20% 180 2 120 3
All Destroyers II - X Wows_flag_Japan.png Wows_flag_USA.png Wows_flag_SSSR.png Wows_flag_Germany.png Wows_flag_Pan_Asia.png Wows_flag_Commonwealth.png Польша_флаг_ВМС_с_тенью.png 120 +8% 180 2 120 3