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Event Containers

Event Containers

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There's a whole shipload of event containers.


2024 Event Containers


Each Internets container includes:

One item from the following list:

  • 50% – 11× Green Bonuses of the same type { +40% Credits earned for the battle., +200% Ship XP earned for the battle., +200% Commander XP earned for the battle., +600% Free XP earned for the battle. };
  • 30% – Credits 1,000,000 Credits;
  • 10% – One of the following Commanders: CouRage, CHUCK BLAST, Stonebeard, Nadeshot, and Sapnap;
  • 10% – One of the following permanent camouflages: Pride of the CouRageous for VI Leander, BLAST MASTER for VI Bayern, Stonewash for VI Normandie, Thief's Future for VI Pensacola, and Fire Carrier for VI Fubuki

If you already have all items from the "Commanders" and "Permanent camouflages" groups, you will receive Credits 625,000 Credits instead.

2023 Event Containers

2022 post-0.11.6 Event Containers

2022 pre-0.11.6 Event Containers

2021 Event Containers