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Hit Hard Hit Fast Hit Often

Hit Hard Hit Fast Hit Often

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The "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" campaign is a complex campaign designed to challenge players with a series of in-game tasks that echo the hard-hitting, aggressive style of American admiral William "Bull" Halsey. It requires a player to have ships of at least Tier VIII in order to complete, and is comprised of 49 different tasks spread out over 5 missions. There are achievements for both completing the campaign and completing all tasks in the campaign.

Admiral William Frederick Halsey became one of the contributors to the Allied victory in the Pacific. It was he who managed to gain crucial success in the Battle of Guadalcanal and who led the fight for the Solomon Islands that eventually broke a path to Japan. His phrase "Hit hard! Hit fast! Hit often!" became the motto of the U.S. Navy in the Pacific theater.

The final task of Mission 1 awards a special container; this container holds collectibles that unlock access to the "American Cruisers" collection.

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5