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Operation Raptor Rescue

Operation Raptor Rescue

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Players must reach the exit and defend the aircraft carrier Raptor.


Operation Raptor Rescue is a PVE Scenario which has the friendly task force defend the Raptor, a Ranger-class aircraft carrier. Players are initially tasked with escorting support ships to Raptor. Once repairs are completed, players must escort Raptor and the support ships out of the combat zone. The allied force consists of 7 player ships, 3 support ships, and Raptor.


Task Priority Details Requirement Pins Earned
Primary “Escort the floating workshop Engineer to Raptor.” Escort the repair ship to Raptor. N/A
Primary “Escort Raptor out of the action zone.” Escort Raptor to safety. N/A
Secondary “Save all the support ships.” Engineer, Arsenal, Aviator survive the battle. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Reach the rendezvous point before Raptor.” Reach the rendezvous point before Raptor. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy three enemy ships in one minute.” Sink 3 enemy ships in one minute. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy aircraft carrier Haoto.” Enemy aircraft carrier Haoto is destroyed. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Destroy aircraft carrier Tatsu.” Enemy aircraft carrier Tatsu is destroyed. Campaign_pin.png


Upon spawning, there will immediately be a group of enemies to the west. After destroying these enemy ships, players need to make their way to the Ranger-class aircraft carrier, Raptor. Once Engineer has caught up to Raptor, it will begin repairs. Stay close to the group and prepare for the next assault, which will come from either the north or the south. After repelling this wave, Engineer will likely have completed repairing Raptor. As Raptor begins moving, 2 destroyers will approach from the center of the western edge of the map, with the spawning either north or south of the opposite of the mid-map waypoint for Raptor. Two aircraft carriers spawn on the map at the beginning of the match and sinking each of them is a secondary objective, but they do not send out planes until spotted, or until a garbled radio message is intercepted, whichever comes first. The carrier that spawns in the south is escorted by 1 cruiser and 1 destroyer and will travel in an S curve towards the players and then back down towards the south-west corner of the map. The second carrier spawns around H1 and will move north along the map until C1 where in will either turn around and back south along the 2 line, or head towards A4. A third wave consisting of 2 x ships, up to 2 x Cruisers, up to 1 x Destroyer or up to 1 x Battleship will spawn either before or after the 2 x Destroyers that come in from the 1 line depending on spawn location, which could be any one of the 4 corners of the map. A final assault wave will spawn depending on the exit, with the possible spawns listed below. This attack wave will approach Raptor rapidly, so be careful not to stray too far. Escort Raptor to safety to complete the operation.

Exit Location Mid-map Waypoint Enemy Ships Spawn point
South South 1 x of each Aoba, Myoko, Amagi and Kongō 2 x Cruisers at J3 first; 2 x Battleships at J2 second.
South South 1 x of each Aoba, Myoko, Kii and Nagato 2 x Battleships at G0 first; 2 x Cruisers at G1 second.
Middle South 1 x of each Aoba, Myoko, Nagato and Kongō 2 x Cruisers and 2 x Battleships at A1.
Middle South 1 x of each Aoba, Yahagi, Mogami, Ibuki A5; Known as "Northern cruiser pain train"
Middle North 1 x of each Aoba, Myoko, Ibuki, Kongō, Nagato and Kongō 2 x Cruisers at H3; 3 x Battleships at J2; 1 x Ibuki at J4 about 1 minute after the other 5 ships spawn.[1]
North North 1 x of each Aoba, Yahagi, Nagato and Kongō T2 x Battleships at E0 first; 2 x Cruisers at C0 second.
North North 1 x of each Aoba, Furutaka, Mogami, Azuma Around E9; known as "Southern cruiser pain train"

Additional Information

Engineer will repair ships within the repair circle. This is very useful for ships that do not have the Repair PartyWhile active, restores a percentage of the ship's health points each second. consumable.

A minimum of 1 x and a maximum of 4 x battleships can spawn on this map.

If a player sits in the spawn location until Raptor makes it to the mid-map waypoint, 1 x Mogami and 1 x Aoba, will spawn in A1 to sink the AFK player (or stationery CV). After sinking any players in spawn, the cruisers will sail off the North East corner of the map and despawn.

If a player is nearby one of the spawn locations, the game will spawn ships at a valid spawn location that is furthest from any player.

Due to battle damage, Raptor does not have an extended DCP like other carriers get. In addition, she has been deplaned and cannot launch aircraft until supplied with planes from Aviator. The Bogue thus cannot launch planes of her own after transferring all aircraft to Raptor, however all other armaments remain functional.

This is the only place a Bogue remains in the game post-CV Rework.

After the final wave, with about 5:30 left in the battle up to 2 additional Cruisers, 1 x Myoko and 1 x Mogami will spawn near the exit. If 6 or 7 players remain afloat, and all enemies in the final wave are sunk, the Cruisers will spawn at the same time. If 5 players remain afloat, or if 6 or more players remain afloat but at least one enemy from the final wave remains afloat they will spawn in 1 at a time with the second one spawning after the first one is sunk.[2] If 4 or fewer players are left afloat, they will not spawn in. Their exact spawn location depends on the exit and mid point locations for a total of 4 variations.

There is paper cut out ship that may spawn on the 0 line at the exit. Hit it with a ship based torpedo to earn the Insert Coin achievement. This achievement can be obtained only once. This ship also currently will spot players for the enemy, so if you are detected at the end of the match and see no red ships, this is the ship that is detecting you.

From the introduction of Operation: Wolfpack into the game in Update 0.11.8, and Update 12.5 the enemy carrier planes did not attack players and flew in a straight line bouncing off the map borders until shot down. This was fixed in Update 12.6 and the 2 CVs will now send the appropriate aircraft after the closest friendly

There is approximately a 30 to 46 different spawn combinations for this map making spawn locations unpredictable for even advanced players, but as the game progresses, the possible spawns are usually one of 2 locations meaning an organized division can usually be prepared for any of these combinations.


Gameplay Tips

  • It is usually advised to not sail alone. Often, you will be tempted to chase after the enemy, especially the second wave. If you do so, however, you will usually be out of range to support the group when the third enemy wave arrives. In addition, you will not have backup.
  • Focus fire on enemy ships to more effectively destroy enemy ships.
  • If you are playing a carrier, know that the first enemy carrier spawns in J10 and heads west, while the second spawns in the rendezvous point and heads north. Do not go after them as they have the highest AA of all the spawns in the game, with the exception of the collective AA of the "cruiser pain trains"
  • If you are using either Pobeda or Chkalov it is possible to destroy both enemy carriers with minimal aircraft losses.
  • Protect Raptor above all else. If Raptor takes too much enemy fire it is game over.
  1. The 3 battleships that spawn in J2 spawn in with the 3rd wave, so 3rd and final waves are combined into 1 final wave.
  2. If 6 or more players remain afloat and at least one enemy from the final wave remains afloat with the remaining battle time being less than 5:30, the second cruiser will spawn when either the first cruiser is sunk or when all enemies from the final wave have been sunk.