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Operation Wolfpack

Operation Wolfpack

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Players must sink all transport ships in the enemy convoy before they escape.


Operation Wolfpack is a PVE Scenario which has the friendly task force intercept an enemy convoy and sink all the transports. Players are tasked with the destruction of several enemy transports, and players may take Tier VI or VIII submarines into the operation. The allied force consists of 7 player submarines and several allied torpedo bomber squadrons.


Task Priority Details Requirement Pins Earned
Primary “Sink the transport ships before reinforcements arrive.” Sink all enemy transports before any transport ship reaches the exit zone or time runs out. N/A
Secondary “Sink all transport ships within 12 minutes.” Quickly sink the transports with in 12 minutes of the battle starting. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Sink aircraft carrier Zeus. ” Destroy the enemy Saipan class aircraft carrier Zeus. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Score 50 torpedo hits.” As a team, score a total of 50 torpedo hits. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Keep four squadron submarines afloat.” Have at least 4 surviving players at the end of the battle. Campaign_pin.png
Secondary “Keep at least one submarine unspotted for the duration of the Operation. ” At least one player is not spotted by any enemies until the battle is over. Campaign_pin.png


Upon spawning in, players will find themselves taking part in an ambush for enemy transport ships. The transports are well guarded so only through teamwork can all of them be sunk. However, before sinking the transports, players must first sink the escorting ships, or risk being sunk themselves. With a full division, 3 players will spawn in B6 in the north, and 4 players will spawn in F2-G1 in the south-west. If running with less than the maximum number, players will be evenly distributed between the northern and southern spawn, with 1 extra player in the southern spawn if the team is an odd number. Players must sink two waves of patrolling escorts before they can move on to hunt the convoy. But beware, the convoy is well guarded, and if players are slow, the convoy escorts will be even stronger.

First Wave

In the north, 1 x Nicholas and 1 x Dallas spawn in B8-9 and head south-west. In the south 1 x Omaha and 1 x Dallas spawn in I2 and head north-east until engaged by players. These ships do not use consumables.

Second Wave

In B10, 1 x Omaha and 1 x Pensacola spawn and head south-west. In J3, 1 x Nicholas, 1 x Omaha, and 1 x Pensacola.

Main Convoy

4 x Wows_flag_UK.png British Destroyers, 4 x Wows_flag_USA.png American Light Cruisers, 1 x Saipan-Class Aircraft Carrier Zeus, 7 x Liberty Transport ships.

Enemy Reinforcements

If players take too long to sink the transports, 1 x Budyonny and1 x Gnevny will spawn in A2 and head towards the convoy or nearest player to assist the convoy. If a transport makes it to the exit zone, a large fleet of Russian ships will spawn in and the battle will end in a loss.

Additional Information

Players will randomly spawn in either the north or the south-west section of the map. Divisions of 2-3 players will spawn together at either spawn point at random when picking up additional players is allowed.

If players fail to sink the first two waves of patrolling ships before the main convoy spawns, 2 of the cruisers escorting the convoy will be upgraded to Cleveland which will use Surveillance RadarWhile active, detects all enemy ships within the specified radius, disregarding obstacles such as smoke and terrain. to spot players on the surface within range. The destroyers will also be up-tiered so all 4 destroyers will have Hydroacoustic SearchWhile active, detects all enemy ships and torpedoes within the specified radius, without regard of obstacles such as smoke and terrain. instead of just the rear 2.

If a player is detected, pings or has an oil leak within ASW range of an enemy, the enemy will use the ASW and are more accurate than any player.

The planes from Zeus fly in a rectangle pattern bouncing off of the map border at A2, B1, J9, and I10, repeating in that order. [1]

If one player sinks 5 of the transports, the achievement "Fox in the Henhouse" will be awarded.

Each time a player is detected for the first time, a message will pop up in chat with the name of the player that was detected for other players to see and "Commander, your submarine has been detected!" in the chat of the player that was detected

  1. It is this programing that broke Aircraft carrier AI in all other ops, and is why enemy Aircraft carriers in Operation: Killer Whale and Operation: Hermes do not attack players.

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