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Saving Transylvania

Saving Transylvania

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"Saving Transylvania" is a PVE Scenario available during Halloween 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. In it the friendly fleet escort the Transylvania through hordes of undead Zikasas (a variation of the Mikasa), fireball-slinging catapults, and ultimately facing the monstrous Rasputin (a variation of the Imperator Nikolai I).

Players can take one of three special ships into the Operation: Igor (a variation of the St. Louis), Blade (a variation of the Wakatake), or Jackal (a variation of the Nassau). These ships are equipped with special armaments and consumables, such as guns with a base 35% fire chance on Igor, or a special repair party found on all three ships.

Rewards & Achievements

Requirement Reward
Campaign_pin.png 5 x Type 3 Halloween camouflage
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 5 x Halloween camouflage
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 1 x Halloween 2018 Container
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 1 x Halloween 2018 Container
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 1 x Halloween 2018 Container