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Second Game Anniversary Collection

Second Game Anniversary Collection

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PCZA005_HappyBirthday.png On September 17, 2017, our game celebrated its Second Anniversary. Together with players, the developers have traveled a long journey filled with various events and emotions. Yet, what counts most, the thing that unites them, still remains unchanged: They both have a great passion for computer games and naval battles.

The Second Game Anniversary collection comprises emblems depicting some highlights from the game's history. Each emblem is issued for earning a hidden achievement once per day, and any duplicates can be exchanged for missing emblems. Be very attentive—an achievement can be hidden virtually anywhere!

The Second Game Anniversary Collection was available during in-game celebrations surrounding the second anniversary of World of Warships, between 13 and 28 September 2017.

The overall collection was comprised of four sub-collections. Each sub-collection granted a different reward. There was a separate reward for obtaining all 16 items.


Part 1

Economic Reforms

First and foremost, Update 0.5.12 will be remembered by players and developers alike for its changes to the in-game economy. Actions that contribute to a team's success now affect the end-of-battle rewards. We want to encourage players to stay active and utilize diverse tactics, as opposed to just trying to avoid taking damage.

Getting used to the new system took time and effort. We introduced a few tweaks in the updates that followed. Anyway, all's well that ends well: we're nearly done tinkering with the economy. For now.
British Invasion

The birth of the U.K. cruiser tech tree would make a good subject for a new opera. Or a ballet. Or—a thriller movie.

Help and support from players, a couple of coffeepots the size of supertankers, and defiance of realism within acceptable limits: these all yielded the desired result. The ships added to the game in Update 0.5.13 have distinctive features and quickly achieved well-deserved military glory. And who wouldn't with such a set of combat capabilities?
Battle Day Delivery

With Update 0.5.13, daily missions were replaced by the more interactive Containers. Their advantages were obvious but developers decided to have a Plan B and resorted to their most formidable weapon – imagination. That's where the "torpedo dude" turns up.

Tens of thousands containers are opened by thousands of players every day. Some do it in hopes of "hitting the jackpot." Others, to restock their supplies of consumables and signal flags. And amidst all that activity, the torpedo dude bears his heavy burden, day and night.
The Struggle of Darkness and Light

Lighthearted game modes are nothing new in our game, but the Halloween event of 2016 came to be seen as the best one in terms of the sheer scale and quality of execution.

While some players plunged into fierce battles against the forces of evil and others enthusiastically searched for deeper meaning, the developers, believe it or not, were in no mood for holiday frivolity. Because, along with amusement, the Saving Transylvania special mode served a serious purpose—several months later, the know-how obtained during work on the Halloween mode was applied in the creation of Operations.

Part 1 Reward

Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:

Icon Name Notes
PCEP306_Birthday_2017.png Congratulatory Alternate permanent camouflage for Kiev.
Linkable.png Bonus Package Permanent economic bonuses for Kiev.

Part 2

Golden Paint

Permanent camos had hardly ever sparked heated discussions until the fine sunny day when the spotlight of our attention fell on ships of Tier X. For all of us, it came in a flash: "In most cases, players keep their Tier X ships in the Port. Yet, they complain a lot about low earnings with those ships..." Why don't we sink two Bismarcks with a single shot?! Since then, permoflages of higher-tier ships provide a bigger service cost discount.

The new goodies introduced with the release of Update 0.5.14 proved very popular. Players were given the opportunity to farm on their favorite "tier tens," which produced a positive effect on the average tier of ships played and kept in the Port.

The new sub-branch of Japanese destroyers added with Update 0.5.15 brought out lots of emotions and gave us an understanding that in the new realities these ships could and should rely more on their guns. But two outstanding ships – Shiratsuyu and Akizuki – turned out to be the icing on the cake.

The former can unleash a formidable number of metal fish per salvo. The latter boasts highly unconventional dual-purpose artillery.

But here's the bad news: the branch ends with Akizuki at Tier VIII. For now.
Mission Briefing

Update 0.5.15 offered players one more new feature – two Campaigns. They served to supplement the process of accomplishing combat missions with a correlated narrative. To show how serious they are about their intentions, developers offered the Premium Tier VI destroyer Shinonome and seven days of Premium time as the ultimate rewards for completing the Honorable Service and The Science of Victory campaigns, respectively.

This was only the beginning. Players liked the new feature, and ever since Campaigns has been an essential part of the game.
Hunting the Hunters

"Why the heck do we need all those destroyers with third-rate concealment and short-range torps?" our players used to ask. "To search for enemy ships with their hydroacoustics; to torp and surprise them with their armor-piercing shells," developers replied. But there wasn't much common ground between the two sides of the dialog, so the German destroyers weren't welcomed with open arms at first.

But after several updates and a number of balance changes, the new tech tree carved out its niche in the game, with some of the ships turning out to be among top at their tiers. It's been a bumpy ride, but we're finally getting into smoother waters.

Since that time it's been considered good etiquette to object in a friendly manner in any communication with developers by saying something like "Hey, you don't wanna mess things up like you did with the German destroyers, right?"

Part 2 Reward

Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:

Icon Name Notes
PCEP306_Birthday_2017.png Congratulatory Alternate permanent camouflage for Charles Martel.
Linkable.png Bonus Package Permanent economic bonuses for Charles Martel.

Part 3

Ship Beauties

Many players remember our pioneering effort to add some really exotic and distinctive content to the game. It took a couple of tweaks and the addition of the "Oh my God, I don't wanna see it anymore!" feature, but now the game incorporates flexible mechanics to add future content. Now there is no boundary to limit the developers' imagination.

Whether you liked the cuties or simply wanted to grab your copy of IJN ship for free, you'll never forget those days.
Chime of Bells

The "Hunt for Graf Spee" and "Secret Santa" campaigns lit the dark sky in December 2016 with the bright, cheerful fires of burning ships. Valuable prizes and incredible rewards granted in special containers perfectly matched the festive New Year's mood.

But when the smoke – mostly, from firecrackers – cleared, it was time to get back to work. In 2017, developers set a number of difficult yet important challenges while players fervently continued to conquer the high seas...
Winds of Change

The highlight of version 0.6.0 was a major update to Commanders. Numerous changes, new skills, and the new feature – Elite Commander XP – immediately sparked stormy discussions even during the Public Test.

It took guts, but thanks to support from players (and a little black magic), developers went on to click on the "Release Version" button even though we did have some concerns. And the risk paid off – the updated system of Commander skills has successfully served the needs of players ever since.
I Smoke Wherever I Want

Ranked Battles Season Six was launched with the release of Update 0.6.1, and it turned out to be somewhat controversial. We did well in terms of the number of players involved and their activity, but there were critical remarks, too, that couldn't be shrugged off.

Thanks to feedback from players and our own observations, we noticed cases of smoke abuse tactics, certain controversial aspects on a number of maps and other problems related to ship balance.

Part 3 Reward

Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:

Icon Name Notes
PCEP306_Birthday_2017.png Congratulatory Alternate permanent camouflage for Z-23.
Linkable.png Bonus Package Permanent economic bonuses for Z-23.

Part 4

Need more DDs

In Update 0.6.2, we added an alternative branch of Soviet destroyers, and it turned out a success. The main branch, with Khabarovsk on top, is well-suited to a playstyle based on cruiser-like artillery engagements. Staying on the move, maintaining constant fire, and delivering lightning-fast strikes – a thrilling combat experience guaranteed.

The playstyle of the alternative branch, headed by Grozovoi, will be closer to that of classic destroyers with effective torpedoes and guns used in support.
What's Next? Engine Boosters for Battleships?

The French cruiser tech tree that appeared in the game with the release of Update 0.6.4 turned out to be well-balanced, with no apparent imbalances. At the same time, its release inspired players to learn a number of words from the glossary of French cuisine.

The Engine Boost consumable matched the ships' characteristics well, while Henri IV, the Tier X ship carrying formidable 240 mm guns, quickly assumed the role of the best cruiser for dealing damage.
The Mighty Bismarck

The Hunt for Bismarck campaign rolled out on a noble scale. Over 300 thousand participants, more than 141 thousand completed collections, and over 7 million containers received. More than 60 thousand Tier VIII battleships Bismarck distributed among players with widely varying levels of skills.

The addition of a story-telling element to the game client in the form of a historical reference to various campaign missions was a big plus of the event.
Revenge of the Bots

One beautiful frosty morning, the developers realized that a surprisingly large number of players were enjoying the Cooperative battles mode, where they fight against bots. This was quite a surprise, because the Co-op Battles mode was initially designed to let them try out new ships they obtained in the game – that's it. However, the number of people who like it and the success of the Halloween campaign showed that PvE battles deserve further consideration.

The first season of Operations came out with the release of Update 0.6.6 and offered four unique battle scenarios: defending a naval base, mounting an attack on a convoy, delivering a strike at a base, and escorting an aircraft carrier. It's noteworthy that bots got a bit smarter and PvE is gradually evolving from a shooting gallery with ships to a distinct, interesting battle mode.

Part 4 Reward

Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:

Icon Name Notes
PCEP306_Birthday_2017.png Congratulatory Alternate permanent camouflage for New Orleans.
Linkable.png Bonus Package Permanent economic bonuses for New Orleans.

Overall Reward

Completing the entire collection provides the following rewards:

Icon Name Notes
PCEE131_Second_anniversary.png Second Game Anniversary
Two years together!
PCEP306_Birthday_2017.png Congratulatory Alternate permanent camouflage for Monarch.
Linkable.png Bonus Package Permanent economic bonuses for Monarch.