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Sixth Game Anniversary Collection

Sixth Game Anniversary Collection

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PCZA026_BD6_1008.png In celebration of the Sixth Anniversary of the game, let's relive the brightest moments that happened over the past year. Together with all of you, we welcomed new Commanders, true professionals of their craft, and we headed into battle playing hybrid ships for the first time ever while also mastering submarines. Together, we observed the construction of new warships at the Dockyard, found out that super battleships really existed, and dived head first into intense competitions and unique in-game events!

Let's piece all those memories together to form a mosaic of an epic naval battle. This year brought a ton of unforgettable emotions and invaluable experience to all of us. New uncharted seas and breathtaking battles await!

This collection is dedicated to World of Warships' 6th Anniversary and highlights the notable changes and additions to the game over the last year. The overall collection resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Items can only be obtained from the Sixth Game Anniversary containers, and duplicates can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio. There is only a reward for completing the whole collection.

The Collection

The collection is made of 60 puzzle pieces, that make this image:


Overall Reward

Completing the entire collection provides the following rewards:

Container Name Notes
Supercontainer Contains valuable rewards, including:
  • Signal flags or camouflages
  • Free XP 50,000 Free XP; Coal 15,000 Coal; or Steel 1,500 Steel
  • A premium ship, with a 10 point commander and a port slot

For a full list of available rewards, see Supercontainers.

Rare Bonuses container Each container drops Rare Expendable Bonuses 3 Blue Bonuses of the same type
Flag Name Notes
Sixth Game Anniversary "We've sailed through six years of unforgettable sea battles and invaluable experiences, which will definitely come in handy in new voyages."