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World of Warships is comprised of a diverse online audience. Its members interact regularly in battles and communicate via game-chat, the forum, or third-party applications. As with any online game, communication is extremely important. As a result, there are many terms that may appear in a discussion pertaining to World of Warships. Below is a list of some of the most common terminology that players may encounter.


Term Definition
AA Anti-Aircraft; usually refers to "AA" guns and capabilities (used to refer to small caliber guns)
AA Sector Refers to maximum effort of focus fire by Anti-Aircraft guns, either to Port or Starboard sides for a short time. A cooldown timer will then happen after each use. The AA Sector can be repeated many times in a match
AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery; Anti-Aircraft Armament; "Triple-A"
AFK "Away from Keyboard"
Anchor A position, typically on or near a flank, that is next to an island that forces the enemy deal with the anchor in order to win the flank
Angled Sailing at a sharp angle to the enemy such that the ship's profile is narrow and the side armor presents a sharp angle that deflects most shells. Generally the preferred angle with which to take incoming fire, as it will mitigate the most damage
AP Armor-Piercing shells
Area Denial A spread of torpedoes that is used to deter or prevent an enemy or group from entering a desired location, or a consumable usage with the intention of pressuring a ship or aircraft out of a location


Term Definition
Bait-Dodge A technique primarily used by cruisers and gunboat destroyers, where a player baits the enemy to take a shot at them, only to evade once the shot is taken, negating most or all damage
Balans A term used ironically in reference to Russian/USSR ships being powerful
Battle-Line A continuous area of influence that extends between ships in a given sector. Advancing the line applies pressure to the enemy while pulling the line alleviates pressure
BB Battleship
Beam Width of the ship
Big Mamie Refers to the nickname of the tier 8 Premium battleship Massachusetts in WoWS. Also know as Mamie
Blap A large chunk of damage to an enemy ship that makes them vulnerable to allied follow-up attacks
Blindfire A salvo is fired guessing were the unseen enemy ship is on the map. For example, it is usually gunnery salvos into a destroyer's or a cruiser's smoke screen. The intent is to hit the enemy's ship with damage.
Bounce When a target ship is angled and the attacking ship's gun caliber does not allow for an overmatch of the target ship's armor, the shells will bounce off the armor of the target ship
Bow Front of the ship
Bow-On/Bow Tanking Sailing with the bow of the facing directly at the enemy. Restricts the number of guns that face the target, but the tactic reduces the ship's target size, and the ship's armor forms sharp angles that deflect incoming projectiles more easily.
Bracket When a well-aimed salvo barely misses the ship due to dispersion
BRB "I'll be right back"
Broadside Sailing with the long ("broad") side of the ship facing the enemy, i.e. perpendicular. Allows the player to face all guns at a target, but presents a large, flat-faced target in return. Generally frowned upon as a tactic
Buff Increasing the effectiveness of a ship
BZ Bravo Zulu; well done


Term Definition
CA Armored (heavy) Cruiser
Camper/Camping Terms used to describe a player who sits in one spot for the majority of the game
Cap Short terminology for capping. See capping.
Capping When a player drives their ship into the objective area or enemy base
Carry Performing far better than the rest of the team in an effort to secure a victory
Carwash A description of when a gunnery salvo is fired at an enemy ship and no rounds have hit the enemy ship (bracketed) as a result. The water splash from those rounds end up soaking the enemy ship with the sea. This condition is attributed to bad gunnery dispersion for the salvo.
CBT Closed Beta Testing (or Tester), refers to an early period in the game's development
CC Community Contributor
Chad Taken from a meme, this is similar to a "YOLO" rush, in which a single ship rushes forward to engage enemy forces
Chunk A noticeable amount of damage, but not crippling
Cit/Citted "Citadel hit"
Citadel noun - the vital areas of a ship containing machinery, magazines, etc.; verb - penetrate the citadel and explode within, causing great damage
Citadel City A term to given ships that are easy citadel hits such as the Kuma, Omaha, Shchors, and the recent Italian Crusiers. These ships are usually targeted first, if possible, for early elimination from the match.
CL Light Cruiser
Clam digging Running aground. Also called "Pulling a Notser"
Crossfires Creating intersecting lanes of fire that make it impossible for the enemy ship to effectively angle.
CTD "Crash to Desktop"
CV Aircraft Carrier


Term Definition
Damage Farming Reference to players who gave up on the objective and are just doing damage to enemy ships
Damage Saturated When an area of a ship has sustained the maximum amount of damage possible; no further damage can be sustained at that section of the ship, regardless of total health pool
DCP/Damacon When a ship uses its Damage Control Party consumable to repair fires or flooding. Typically used to indicate that a ship is susceptible to fires or flooding because it is incapable of repairing them (due to the consumable’s cooldown period)
DD Destroyer
Deleted/Deletion When a full health ship is destroyed instantly; see "devstrike," "One-shot"
Derp A term that is typically used by some players to acknowledge that they just made a silly mistake or slip-up (either in the battle or in chat)
Devstrike Short for "Devastating Strike"
DFAA/DF Reference to the consumable: Defensive AA Fire
Disconnect/DC When a player disconnects from the battle, whether accidentally or intentionally
Disengage Breaking contact with the enemy
Dispersion The spread of shells fired in a salvo; vertical dispersion being the distance between the highest and the lowest shell, and horizontal dispersion being the distance between the shell furthest left and right
DPM Damage per minute
Draft How deep the ship sits in the water


Term Definition
EXP Elite XP, or ship experience on Elite ships.
ECXP Elite Commander XP - experience earned by elite (19-point) commanders.


Term Definition
Farming Taking advantage of a good position or an enemies poor position to accumulate a large chunk of damage on that ship
Fighter Lockup When two fighter squads engage each-other, they become unable to move or follow other orders excluding strafe-escapes.
Fighter When Fighter aircraft engage a Strike squadron, they slow it down and increase it's dispersion.
Fighter-Stacking Using multiple squads of fighters in one lockup to double the DPS that is being dealt to the enemy squadron. The "Stacked" fighters can disengage without having to strafe.
Flank The outermost sides of a teams battle lines
Flanker A ship whose attributes make it ideal for holding a flank
Float A ship that retains a position usually around the center of a battle formation for screening and line integrity
Focus Fire Organized and repeated fire against a single target in the attempt to sink them or pressure them enough to run away
Frag rate/KD Kill/Death Ratio
Freeboard The height of the ship that sits above the waterline
Fun and Engaging Traditional phrase used to express frustration after the player's ship has suffered a magazine detonation. Used to refer to detonations as a "fun and engaging" game mechanic


Term Definition
G2G/GTG "Got to Go"
GG "Good Game"
GLHF "Good Luck and Have Fun!"
Going Dark The act of going back into concealment
Gold Refers to doubloons
Grind The amount of time and effort it takes to play and progress through the tech tree
Gun Bloom When, after firing the main guns, the ship's detection range "blooms" to the max range of the guns for 20 seconds.


Term Definition
Hard Cover An object, such as an island, that breaks line of sight or protects ships from incoming shells and torpedoes
Hard Spotted Being spotted by a ship within the player ship's detection range
HE High-Explosive Shells
Hold A hold is usually near the center of the map near an island and is positioned for supporting fire on one or more capture points


Term Definition
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
Island Hugging A ship that hides behind islands for cover. Usually in an Anchoring or Holding position


Term Definition
Kek Alternative to "LOL," used to indicate amusement
Kiting Term used to describe the gameplay style of staying at medium to long range and maintaining constant gunfire on enemy targets, but returning to concealment when too many enemy ships engage the player
KM/KMS Kriegsmarine (Germany)
KS/Kill Steal Typically an accusation for the act of eliminating an enemy ship without "earning" the kill


Term Definition
Lead Aiming a distance in front of or behind the target to counter their speed and direction
Lemming Train When a large group of players on a team travels to one area or objective, often leaving other ships without support
LL "Late load"
lol/LOL "Laughing out loud"
LOLcit/LOLpen Receiving a citadel hit from an unlikely angle
LOS "Line of Sight"


Term Definition
Main When a player prefers a specific type of ship (Ex: Cruiser main)
Manual-Bombing The Alternate Attack for strike squadrons which allow for more precise strikes.
Meta Term used to refer to what is currently thought of as the most popular/competent way to run a ship build, captain spec, or map strategy
MM/Matchmaking The game's matchmaking system, which groups players together and places them into battle together
MN Marine Nationale (France)
Mods/Moderators Forum moderators who work for WarGaming and maintain order in the forums
Mods/Modifications Term in reference to 3rd party game modifications that alter the game in some way. May also reference illegal mods such as hacks or cheats
Mong Rush Similar to Shoving, except with the bulk, if not the entirety of, your team's ships, all in one concentrated blob


Term Definition
Nerf Decreasing the effectiveness of a ship
NS Nice Shot


Term Definition
o7, <o A text emoji used as a salute, typically used as a sign of respect
OBT Open Beta Testing (or Tester), refers to an early period in the game's development which happened after CBT
OOR "Out of Range"
OMW "On my Way"
One-Shot When a full health ship is destroyed in a single salvo or is detonated with significant health remaining
OP (forums) Original poster; person who started the forum thread
OP/Overpowered Term used to describe an in-game item or vehicle which the player feels is too powerful and breaks the balance of the game; unfair to fight against
Open-Water Fighter A ship whose gun arrangement or survivability that is better suited for fighting in the open ocean, only using islands to zone-out firing angles.
Overmatch A game mechanic in which large-caliber armor-piercing projectiles ignore thin armor on impact, regardless of angle. A shell overmatches a piece of armor if its caliber exceeds 14.3x the armor's thickness.
Overpenetration/Ov When a large caliber shell hits a lightly armored surface and travels straight through without dealing significant damage


Term Definition
PA Pan-Asia
Paint Scraper Close encounter with torpedoes
Pen/Penetration When a shell penetrates the target ship for significant damage without a richochet or overpenetration
Perma-fire Setting fire or causing flooding on a ship that has recently used damage control party meaning the fire or flooding will deal its maximum potential damage
Poi A word often dropped in battle chat. Taken from Kantai Collection, a franchise that imagines historical warships as young women. Poi is the (in)famous verbal tic of Yuudachi, a personification of the 4th ship of the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers.
Popped/Popping A consumable has been activated or used (Ex: "I just popped DFAA")
Port Nautical term for the left side of the ship
Potato Term used to describe the least skillful players (generally seen used as an insult)
Preemptive A launch of torpedoes in a direction where an unseen target is predicted to go
Pressure Attacking an enemy ship to achieve a desired outcome. That outcome includes but is not limited to; stopping a push, distraction, etc.
Proxy Spot Refers to the automatic detection range when two ships are so close to each other that they become spotted, regardless of the status of their concealment
Pulling a Notser A term used on occasion when a ship has grounded itself on an island; coined by WG-CC and YouTuber, Notser
Push Moving closer to the enemy in an attempt to gain ground (or sea water) against them
PVE Player vs. Environment; used to refer to Co-Op battles or Scenarios, where the player fights bots rather than other players
PvP Player vs. Player; used to refer to Random, Ranked, and Clan battles, where the player fights other players, rather than bots


Term Definition
Railgun A semi-joking term used to describe guns with very good ballistic performance and penetration.
Random Torp(s) An unexpected encounter with torpedoes, though said torpedoes may not be aimed specifically towards the player's ship
Rekt Means a player got completely destroyed
Reverse Push Reversing toward the enemy in a way that all of your firepower can be used while also giving your ship a viable escape. A form of kiting
RM Regia Marina (Italy)
RN Royal Navy
RNG Random Number Generation; reference to the luck of rolling the dice as to whether a shot will hit and deal high damage or even miss completely
RNGesus The embodiment of RNG, pray to him for good luck in battle.


Term Definition
Salt/Salty A term that typically is used to describe an angry player in chat.
Screening Typically referred to as the advance ships scouting torpedo threats for larger ships
Seal Clubbing When a veteran player ventures into low tiers to fight inexperienced players
Shadow Following an allied or enemy ship using your concealment to your advantage
Shooting the Bow Passing in front of another ship's bow
Shooting the Stern Passing behind another ship's Stern
Shove In Competitive, a tactic involving a push up a flank, typically with cruisers
Sigma A variable representing the probability of a volley's shells being close to the center of the player's aim
Silver Refers to credits
Smoke Camping Sitting still inside a smoke screen
Sniping Typically used when describing a battleship that is far from the heart of the engagement that is trying to fire at enemy ships that are further than 15 to 20 kilometers away
Soft Cover Something that obscures ships from being spotted but does not protect them from shells and torpedoes (Ex: smoke screens, cyclones)
Spawn Where the players' ships start at the beginning of the match
Spec/Spec'd Term used to declare what a ship/captain is built for, with the aim of providing tactical information to teammates (Ex: I'm spec'd for AA)
Squat Holding a position, undetected early in a battle to exploit a hole in the enemy lines mid-game
ST Super Tester, a player who has volunteered to assist Wargaming in testing the game, and thus has access to unreleased ships - but also agreed to a Non-Disclosure Agreement about them, and cannot discuss them with normal players
Starboard/STBD Nautical term for the right side of the ship
Stealth Torp Launching torpedoes while in concealment due to excellent surface detection range or the use of a smoke screen
Stern Rear of the ship
Strafe Alternative attack for fighters that triples damage per second output in the strafe area and prevents fighters from being locked up. Uses a large amount of ammunition and fighters cannot follow any order until the strafe is complete.
Strafe-Escape/Stra Strafing is how to escape a Fighter-Lockup. For all carriers except Saipan, one aircraft is sacrificed during this maneuver.
Strats Battle strategy
Stream Sniping Following the Twitch Livestreams of Community Contributors in the hopes of ending up in the same match as them. The ultimate goal is to find and sink them. Often considered poor sportsmanship
Superstructure Structures on the deck of ships


Term Definition
That's a Paddlin' WG-CC The Mighty Jingles has made use of it to describe the often poor results of thinly-armored ships presenting their sides to hostile battleships.
Torpedo Soup When multiple ships armed with torpedoes launch their torpedoes to create a large wall of torpedoes that is hard to avoid
Torpedobeat/Torpbe The act of skillfully maneuvering through a wave, or multiple waves of torpedoes without being struck
Torps/Torps out Often a warning to friendly ships that a ship has launched torpedoes behind friendly lines, and to take care to avoid them if possible
Turn-Out Once ships have reached a certain position on the map, they put themselves at an angle where they can begin kiting once contact is made with enemy forces
TY "Thank you"


Term Definition
U2 "You too"
Unicum Term used to describe the most skillful players
USN United States Navy


Term Definition
VB Dive Bombers
VF Fighter Planes
VMF Voenno-Morskoj Flot (USSR)
VS Scout/Spotter Planes
VT Torpedo Planes


Term Definition
Wall of Skill term used to refer to a large wave of torpedoes
Warcanoe Refers to tier 5 premium ship destroyer Okhotnik in WoWS
Waterline The perimeter area of the ship just above and below water.
WG/Weegee Refers to Wargaming
WeeVee Refers to tier 6 premium ship West Virginia in WoWS
Widespread/Narrow The choice of spread between torpedoes; typically narrow spread is preferred, but widespread can be used for area denial or hunting destroyers in smoke screens
WITNESS ME Typically used to signify an attempt at a ramming attack
WITNESSED Acknowledgment of a successful ramming attempt
WoWs World of Warships
WP "Well-Played"


Term Definition
XP Experience, used to research ships and modules


Term Definition
YOLO You only live once; the necessary battle cry to let the team know that the player who just typed it into chat is about to do something very brave or very dumb (suicide charge)


Term Definition
Zone-Out Using islands to prevent certain enemy ships from engaging your ship

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