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The Great Eight Collection

The Great Eight Collection

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PCZA011_Ovechkin.png Alexander Ovechkin is one of the best forwards in ice hockey history and the most famous hockey player in the world. Fast, accurate, technically skilled and tough on ice, he masterfully leads his team to victories. Fans named him "the Great Eight" and he has proved that he really deserves this title. The collection items tell us about the brightest moments of Alexander Ovechkin's sporting career. Meet the legend, be inspired and strive for victory!

The overall collection comprises three sub-collections. Each sub-collection grants a Patch. The reward for obtaining all 12 items is a Commander and a flag. Duplicates can be exchanged at a 5:1 ratio.


Hockey Gear

  Hockey Gear  
If a helmet belongs to Alexander Ovechkin, it will also have its own special history. At the beginning of his career, Alexander used a tinted visor and goalies started to explain his wonderful performance with it: say, by hiding his eyes, the forward never gave them a chance to figure out to which corner he would send the puck. Now, tinted visors are banned, however, Ovechkin still scores as much.
Ice skates depicting a furious sheep and a golden eight were Alexander's lucky charm at the Vancouver Olympics. They didn't bring him the gold medal, but the love for outrageous skates remained. Another famous pair of skates was decorated with the flags of Russia and the U.S.A., as well as pictures of the main landmarks of the two countries' capitals—Saint Basil's Cathedral and the White House.
Upon signing a contract with the Washington Capitals, Alexander chose to be number eight. It is unlikely that another hockey player will appear in the foreseeable future, who will become a more popular "Eight" than the Dynamo Moscow trainee.
On January 11, 2016, the Washington Capitals captain Ovechkin scored his 500th goal in a match of the NHL Regular Season against Ottawa Senators. The gloves that "helped" him to make the throw are now kept in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Patch Name
PCNB169.png The Great Eight

Early Career

  Early Career  
Early Success
Having become the captain of the Dynamo Moscow team, Ovechkin, born in 1985, proved to be the best scorer and initiated a series of records and titles. In 1998, he broke the record set by Pavel Bure when he scored 59 goals at the Moscow championship. It took the forward less than thirty matches.
Championships Gold
In 2008, Ovechkin received his first title of World Champion. The Gold medal of the Championship in Quebec, Canada was the first for Russia in 15 years after the victory at the Championship in 1993. In the 2012 and 2014 Championships, the Russian team showed an absolute result and won the gold medals again.
Draft 2004
In 2004, Ovechkin, an 18-year-old Dynamo player, was taken by the Washington Capitals under the first overall number, becoming the second Russian hockey player after Ilya Kovalchuk to top the draft. The Washington Capitals General Manager admitted that 15 teams were interested in the opportunity to acquire Ovechkin at the same time. Alexander was an undeniable jackpot of the draft: by that time he had played 13 seasons and missed only 29 matches.
A Marvelous Goal
On January 16, 2006, Alexander Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals forward, scored a goal in a match against Phoenix Coyotes, which was subsequently included into the list of best moments in the NHL history. Having picked the puck in the center ice, Ovechkin crossed the blue line on the right wing and started moving to the center. In the attempt to beat the defenseman, Ovechkin fell down but managed to retain control over the puck. He rolled back over and sent the puck right into the net past the surprised goalie. Was it good luck? Or good technical skills?


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Patch Name
PCNB170.png Hockey Player

Rise of the Legend

  Rise of the Legend  
A Star Player
In 2009, Ovechkin reached even closer to the stars, literally, this time. Leonid Elenin, a Russian astronomer, discovered an asteroid and named it after the hockey player—257261 Ovechkin. Elenin wanted to devote his discovery naming to the hockey player's birthday (September 17), but the International Astronomical Union approved the name only on October 10.
Golden Stick
Truth be told, Alexander has two of such rewards. He notched his first golden stick for scoring 500 goals in 2016, with the second one following only a year later. On January 12, 2017, Alexander Ovechkin scored 1,000 points in NHL thanks to a double in the match against the Pittsburgh Penguins. On February 5, before the match of the NHL Regular Season against the Los Angeles Kings, the Washington Capitals President presented him an award — the second golden stick with a personal engraving. Shortly before, Ovechkin was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in the entire history of the League.
History of Achievements
Ovechkin's impressive career is full of serious trophies. He has been World Champion three times over, won silver medals two times and bronze medals three times. He scored a phenomenal 106 (52+54) points in his NHL debut season, 112 (65+47) points in the Regular Season and 9 (4+5) points more in playoff in season 2007–2008. After that, Alexander became the best scorer of the league five more times. His other awards include Hart Memorial Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award and Conn Smythe Trophy.
Pinnacle of Skills
In 2018, the Washington Capitals ice hockey club won the Stanley Cup, the most prestigious trophy for the sport, for the first time in its history. Captain Alexander Ovechkin, who became the first Russian captain in NHL, led the team to the victory and raised the Stanley Cup over his head. The most long-awaited and most challenging trophy in his career was taken.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following reward:

Icon Name
PCNB171.png Puck

Overall Reward

Completing the entire collection provides the following rewards:

Icon Details
USAOVECHKIN.png Alexander Ovechkin commander (10 points), trained for
icon_default_cruiser_elite.png I Erie.
reward_unlock_tracer.png Colored Shell Tracers - Change the main gun tracers to an alternative color.
PCEE216_Ovechkin_flag.png The Great Eight flag.