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The Transformers: The Movie 35th Anniversary Collection

The Transformers: The Movie 35th Anniversary Collection

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The iconic 1986 animated feature Transformers: The Movie is celebrating its 35th anniversary in World of Warships! The heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, once again fight the evil Decepticons and their ruthless leader Megatron, now on the high seas! More famous Transformers characters have joined the fight this time: Grimlock, mighty leader of the Dinobots; the cool and cavalier Autobot Hot Rod, yet to become the Prime he is destined to be; the sinister Decepticon Communications Officer Soundwave; and the most treacherous of all Decepticons, Aerial Commander Starscream! Assign them to command your ships and send them into battle, for the glory of Cybertron!

The overall collection comprises eight sub-collections. Each sub-collection grants camouflages from the 'side' they represent. There is a separate reward for obtaining all 32 items. Items may be bought for 4 duplicates.

Sub Collections

Autobot Commanders

  Autobot Commanders  
Optimus Prime

Function: Autobot Commander
Primary Objective: Protection of all life
Primary Weapon: Ion Cannon, Energon Battle Axe
Core Traits: Noble, wise, unyielding
Motto: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Hot Rod

Function: Cavalier
Primary Objective: Action
Primary Weapon: Photon Lasers
Core Traits: Cocky, brash, and ready to roll out!
Motto: "My actions speak louder than words."


Function: Scout
Primary Objective: Adventure
Primary Weapon: Stinger Blaster
Core Traits: Curious, trusting, fun
Motto: "The least likely can be the most dangerous."


Function: Dinobot Leader
Primary Objective: Strength
Primary Weapon: Snapping Jaws, Energo-sword
Core Traits: Strong, fearsome, powerful
Motto: "Among the winners, there is no room for the weak."


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
4x Autobot Ark camouflages (PCEC097_AutobotCamo.png)

Decepticon Commanders

  Decepticon Commanders  

Function: Decepticon Leader
Primary Objective: Conquest
Primary Weapon: Fusion Cannon
Core Traits: Dedicated, relentless, merciless
Motto: "Peace through conquest."


Function: Air Commander
Primary Objective: Gaining power
Primary Weapon: Null Rays
Core Traits: Ruthless, cruel, scheming
Motto: "Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies."


Function: Demolitions
Primary Objective: Chaos and destruction
Primary Weapon: Piledrivers
Core Traits: Reckless, cocky, quick tempered
Motto: "Destroy what's below and what's above will follow."


Function: Communications
Primary Objective: Asserting his loyalty
Primary Weapon: Concussion Blaster
Core Traits: Intelligent, loyal, opportunistic
Motto: "Cries and screams are music to my ears."


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
4x Decepticon Disguise camouflages (PCEC098_DecepticonCamo.png)

World of Warships Autobots Comics

  World of Warships Autobots Comics  
Prime's warning

Optimus Prime is the courageous and powerful leader of the Autobots. He is a skilled warrior in battle, and a tireless defender of the weak. From humble beginnings, he became a hero by raising his voice in support of freedom, and became a legend by picking up a blaster and putting his spark on the line to fight for it.

Hot Rod on the road!

Hot Rod is a young Autobot with dreams of becoming a hero. He can't stand waiting around when he could be doing something instead. Although he means well, impulsive actions often get him into trouble. Still, he's a brave warrior and a loyal friend.

Bumblebee to the base!

Bumblebee is one of the youngest members of the Autobot team. An exuberant and energetic adventurer, his delightful charm and optimism cheers everyone he meets. He looks up to Optimus Prime as a mentor and is completely devoted to his leader’s mission to secure freedom for all sentient beings.

Me, Grimlock, king!

Being the strongest and fiercest of all Dinobots, Grimlock values power and strength over wisdom and compassion. When faced with a problem, his usual response is to crush it with his mighty jaws, or outright eat it. The only thing he hates more than weakness is those who abuse their strength, and that's what makes him fight on the side of the Autobots.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
4x Autobot Ark camouflages (PCEC097_AutobotCamo.png)

World of Warships Decepticons Comics

  World of Warships Decepticons Comics  
Megatron commands!

Megatron is a merciless Decepticon leader driven by a never-ending need for conquest and a desire to vanquish all who oppose him. Trusting nobody, he rules his Decepticons with an iron fist.

Starscream appears

Starscream considers himself the best of all Decepticons. He feels that the Decepticon leader's position is rightfully his. He looks down on Megatron because of that, and plans to overthrow him at the first possible opportunity.

Ready to Rumble!

Rumble is your basic street punk—small, but always acting tough. He is one of Soundwave’s spies. What he lacks in discretion, he makes up for in raw power. As the Decepticon demolitions expert, Rumble loves nothing more than breaking things apart and causing chaos and destruction.

Soundwave reporting

Soundwave stands at Megatron's side as a confidant, entirely loyal to his leader. He will use anything he can to advance his status in Megatron's eyes, so all Decepticons are very careful about what they say or do in his vicinity.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
4x Decepticon Disguise camouflages (PCEC098_DecepticonCamo.png)

Autobots Permanent Camouflages

  Autobots Permanent Camouflages  
Freedom Fighter — MONTANA

Mighty battleship Montana is commanded by Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots! Optimus loads and fires Montana's 16-inch guns, and his trailer truck accompanies him on the battleship's deck!

Hot Racer — MINOTAUR

It is only reasonable that fast and furious racer Hot Rod commands the cruiser Minotaur, one of the champions in terms of rate of artillery fire! And its speed is emphasized by the spoiler wing on the ship's stern!

Gold Bug — GEARING

Always full of energy and determination, Bumblebee fights aboard Gearing, a destroyer famous for both her artillery and torpedo load. With him aboard, protective Autobot forcefields are extended over the ship's turrets.

King of Primitives — RÉPUBLIQUE

Grimlock, the King of Dinobots, the mighty Tyrannosaurus of the Autobot faction, commands the battleship République. The strength of his pair of mighty jaws is equal to power of the two four-gun turrets, and his shots fall on his enemies like the blows of his energo-sword!


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
4x Autobot Ark camouflages (PCEC097_AutobotCamo.png)

Decepticons Permanent Camouflages

  Decepticons Permanent Camouflages  
Messenger of Oblivion — G. KURFÜRST

Megatron, the cruel and ruthless leader of the Decepticons, has found a new weapon worthy of his devastating personality. Under his command, all-powerful triple turrets of battleship Grosser Kurfürst rain fiery destruction on his enemies!

Superior — VENEZIA

A Communications Officer and a Cassette Master, Soundwave brings the powerful guns and long-range torpedoes of cruiser Venezia into battle. But most importantly, he plays with his enemies' minds by using smoke screens to fight unseen!

Crush ’n’ Destroy — KHABAROVSK

Rumble commands the lightning-fast Khabarovsk, unrivalled among destroyers in terms of sheer firepower. He relishes destruction more than anything else in his life, and destruction is what he brings to the high seas in each battle!

Lord of the Seekers — M. RICHTHOFEN

Nobody can rival Starscream when he rules the skies! He commands his Seekers into battle from the deck of aircraft carrier Manfred von Richthofen, dropping their payloads on the heads of unfortunate enemies and hearing their pained cries. No one shall escape!


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
4x Decepticon Disguise camouflages (PCEC098_DecepticonCamo.png)

The Transformers: The Movie in World of Warships

  The Transformers: The Movie in World of Warships  
More than meets the eye!

The iconic 1986 animated feature The Transformers: The Movie brings brave Autobots and ruthless Decepticons together in a battle of a cosmic scale. It is the year 2005... and the history of Transformers will never be the same.

35th Anniversary in World of Warships

World of Warships celebrates the 35th Anniversary of The Transformers: The Movie by bringing its characters to life once again. We will see our favorite Transformers fighting at their best, and performing heroic deeds that will be forever etched in our memories.


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
1x Autobot Ark camouflages (PCEC097_AutobotCamo.png) and 1x Decepticon Disguise camouflages (PCEC098_DecepticonCamo.png)

Transformers Memorable Moments

  Transformers Memorable Moments  
I've been waiting for this...

In one of the most dramatic showdowns in the whole history of Transformers, Megatron faces the wounded Autobot leader and declares that it's over. But he is wrong, and Optimus Prime will turn the tide... no matter the cost.

Don't leave me, Soundwave!

With the Decepticons forced into retreat, Soundwave retrieves the broken form of the Decepticons' former leader. Commanded to do so, he responds in his usual voice devoid of all feelings: "As you command, Megatron."

How it pains me!

It was Starscream's delight to dispose of the helpless body of his former leader, only to usurp his position. In a mocking tone, he told Megatron how it pained him to do this. Could his victory ever be sweeter?

Who disrupts my coronation?

Acquired by the vilest treachery, the king's crown and the ruler's mantle. It is the moment of ultimate glory for Starscream—the pinnacle from which his fall will be fast, cruel, and deep. And he will fall... to dust.

Want to munch metal!

Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots prove themselves to be an unstoppable force. They scatter the Sharkticons and bring an end to the rule of their masters, the sinister Quintessons! And Wheelie, Grimlock's little friend, rides into battle together with him!

Light our darkest hour!

In his darkest hour, Hot Rod opens the Matrix of Leadership, unleashing the wisdom of ages! This beacon of light is to save all Transformers, Autobots and Decepticons alike, together with their home planet of Cybertron, from the evil force of Unicron the Harbinger!


Completing this sub-collection provides the following rewards:
3x Autobot Ark camouflages (PCEC097_AutobotCamo.png) and 3x Decepticon Disguise camouflages (PCEC098_DecepticonCamo.png)

Overall Reward

Completing the entire collection provides the following rewards:

Megatron.png Megatron Commander with 11 points,
trained for Tier X icon_sunk_battleship.pngGrosser Kurfürst
Optimus_Prime.png Optimus Prime Commander with 11 points,
trained for Tier X icon_sunk_battleship.pngMontana
35th Anniversary of The Transformers:
The Movie
"The iconic 1986 animated feature The Transformers: The Movie is celebrating its
35th anniversary in World of Warships!"