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Thunderstorm Front

Thunderstorm Front

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  • affects events happening within a particular circular region of the map
  • can move on the map from left to right or vice versa, or stay motionless in the center
  • visual appearance: rain or blizzard (snowstorm)
  • on the minimap, the thunderstorm area is depicted as a gray circle
  • special indicator notifies you upon approaching (black cloud) and entering (white cloud) the thunderstorm area
  • can appear only in Tier X battles on the following maps:
    • North (Domination mode)
    • Hotspot (Domination mode)
    • Islands of Ice (Epicenter mode; here it is a snowstorm)
    • Greece (Domination mode; 25% chance of a thunderstorm front)
  • Detectability range by sea is reduced by 10%.
    If there is an area of foul weather between ships, their detectability is calculated taking into account the visibility modifier. However, this does not affect potential third observers whose line of sight doesn't cross (or run through) the Thunderstorm Front zone.
  • no change to:
    • detectability range by air
    • detectability ranges of aircraft carrier planes
  • spotting range is reduced to 30 km
  • period of increased detectability of a ship after firing the main guns is also reduced, returning to normal in 7 seconds instead of 20 seconds
  • maximum dispersion of shells in the storm area increases (is multiplied by 1.3)
  • no effect on the operation of a ship's consumables
  • short description in battle while your ship is in the storm: press and hold H (ship status) and put mouse cursor on cloud
  • is called "Local Weather" in the Training Room settings

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