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Update 0.1.3

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User Interface Camera Added: Distant camera – possibility to set it at 90 degrees by default (enabled game settings) Distant camera – if at 90 degrees (see above) then it’s possible to set it permanently to the Northern part of the map (enabled in game settings) Aircraft Changed: Indicators of aircraft squadrons Graphics Added: Tactical map prototype - allows to control ships’ and aircraft squadrons’ movement. Ship’s course can be set by clicking RMB (if no aircraft squadron is selected). Aircraft control is similar to the current mini-map (squadron should be selected). Damage visualization system prototype. Other Added: Visualization of ship motions (pitch, roll, heave). Changed: Game interface gets saved in case of re-logging into the game. Server code optimization. Client code optimization. Dynamic shadows on water. Gameplay mechanics and content Ships Added: USS Pensacola, USA, tier VII cruiser. The first US "treaty cruisers", designed according to the Washington Naval Treaty. USS Colorado, USA, tier VII battleship. The last US battleship commissioned before the Washington Naval Treaty. USS Independence, USA, tier V carrier. US carrier that was converted from a Cleavland class light cruiser. USS Wright, USA, tier II carrier. Auxiliary seaplane tender. USS Michigan, USA, tier II battleship. The first dreadnought to be designed, as well as the first warship with the centerline main caliber turrets displacement. USS Chester, USA, tier II cruiser. Light cruiser from the First World War era. USS Smith, USA, tier II destroyer. First US oceangoing destroyer. Changed: Shell type change – ‘zeroing’ (fire accuracy) decrease reduced from 2 to 1. Bombs motion – mechanics under water were changed. Underwater explosions – increased damage value for all shell types. Chance of magazine explosion – mechanics and settings were changed A bug with Iowa armour scheme was fixed Minor bugs in currently available ships fixed. Maps Added: Archipelago (prototype) – small map. Flower (prototype) – big map. Changed: Carriers – spawn points were changed; currently they should be placed at the back of the team. Solomon Islands maps – spawn points (all ships) were changed; currently ships will be more widespread. Big Race map - base capture time increased (from 240 seconds to 360 seconds). Solomon Islands map - base capture time decreased (from 240 seconds to 180 seconds). Sound Changed: Sound message filtering system Minor bugs fixed