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  • Within the next few weeks we expect to have high amount of very skilled players on high tiers, so to save some nerves to newcomers we have temporarily removed Tier VIII premium ships Atlanta (US) and Atago (Japan) from sale.
  • In Update 0.3.0/0.3.1 ping indicator value included packet trip time to server & back. Update 0.4.0 introduced changes in ping value calculation algorithm. Ping value included packet trip time to server & back plus ICMP packet handling time on server side. Since ping calculation strategy was reverted to 0.3.1 having average packet trip time from server to client. This shows a real lag value between server & game client.
  • Lag indicator (red light) was also tuned in 0.4.0. Now lag is triggered in case when ping exceeds given range value & remains high for several frames. In other words, red light is on when network issues affect gameplay.
  • Fixed chat channels unavailability in some cases during high online on the server.
  • Fixed shells effects display on Low graphics settings.
  • Fixed bug of incorrect gold and free experience display in World of Tanks after quick (under 30 seconds) login to World of Warships.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to incorrect choice of some settings when autodetecting Low graphics setting.
  • Battles with 24 cruisers are now possible for Tier II.