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High tier premium ships have been added in the game: Tier VIII Japanese cruiser Atago and Tier VII American cruiser Atlanta.


  • Changed map loading screen image.
  • Fixed invisible barriers on some maps.
  • Fixed visual artefacts on Two Brothers and Hot Spot maps.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of shells when fired at particular parts of the island on Islands map.


The following ships were added for testing purposes and are not available for purchase, but can be met in battle:

  • Diana – A protected cruiser with a powerful main caliber battery and multiple secondary guns.
  • Pallada – A classic protected cruiser of the end of the 19th and early 20th century. She has relatively good main caliber guns and multiple secondary guns. A sloped armour deck protects vital parts of the ship.
  • Marblehead – A fast scout-cruiser with torpedoes and strong main battery. She also has aviation equipment on board. Marblehead differed from other ships of her class by the location of her main calibre guns in turrets and casemates.
  • Cincinnati – A strong and fast light cruiser for her time. Besides multiple rapid-fire guns, she had strong torpedo armament and decent light anti-aircraft guns. She was also equipped to launch scout planes.
  • Tachibana – Small and relatively fast destroyer. For her size she had quite powerful torpedo armament. Her main battery consists of a few quick-fire, small caliber guns.
  • Sakura – The first destroyer fully designed in Japan. For her time she was fast with decent torpedo armament. Her main battery consisted of a few quick-fire small caliber guns.
  • Mikasa – The best ironclad battleship of the Japanese Navy during the Russo-Japanese war. It was very well balanced and had good ammunition, armor and speed for her time. However it was out-performed with the arrival of a new breed of battleships – dreadnoughts.

Reload times for dual purpose guns on Mutsuki (top configuration) have been decreased (they reload faster now).


  • Fixed the incorrect displaying of the smoke from the enemy ships’ funnels.
  • Fixed an error leading to the incorrect animation of the squadron takeoff in the event of aircraft carrier destruction.
  • Fixed an error leading to an increase in water detail when the camera zooms out from the ship.
  • Fixed the flashing of the tracers on low and medium graphics settings.


  • Fixed the error which in some cases led to the display of an incorrect system message saying an invite to the battle for the division was rejected.
  • Fixed the error which led to the incorrect display of messages when modules have been critically damaged.
  • Fixed the error which led to not displaying the message that Upgrades dismantling is available for doubloons.
  • Fixed the error in the text messages displayed in the game.


  • Fixed the error which in some cases led to a client crash when opening the chat channel.
  • Fixed the error which in some cases led to a client crash when entering the battle.
  • Fixed the error which set some graphics settings incorrectly when auto detecting the quality for low configurations computers.
  • Map choice probability on the server settings have been slightly changed.
  • Fixed an error which in some cases led to the ship staying in the battle indefinitely.
  • Fixed an error for battles not finishing when bases are captured simultaneously in Standard battle mode.
  • Fixed an issue which caused fly-off icons to not be shown after damaging AA systems of Russian & British ships.