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For testing purposes German ships Tirpitz, Bismarck, Dresden,and Hermelin have been added. You may spot them in battles occasionally, but they are not currently available for research or purchase.

  • Bismarck – Tier VIII battleship – Bismarck-class battleships were some of the strongest ships of their type at the beginning of WWII, and were the pride of the Kriegsmarine. They incorporated the signature strengths of German naval shipbuilding: advanced fire control systems, rugged hull and substantial armor. Bismarck's famous march to the Atlantic in May 1941 proved that a one-on-one meeting with her could be lethal.
  • Tirpitz – Tier VIII battleship – A legendary German battleship, Tirpitz haunted Allied forces' from her commissioning in 1941 until her destruction in 1944. During that time, there were repeated efforts to sink her with aircraft and submarines. Her high speed and powerful artillery were complimented by incredible survivability, courtesy of her armor and compartmented layout.
  • Hermelin – Tier I cruiser – A large armored gunboat able to operate in the high seas that was intended for the colonial service. She would've been well armed and relatively fast for her class.
  • Dresden – Tier II cruiser – A typical early 20th Century German cruiser, she could serve as a scout, as a raider or as protection for the fleet from enemy destroyers. Her guns were relatively weak, but she was very well protected and quick in her time.

Updated and corrected texture for the ship Marblehead.
Fixed a defect in the lifting of the main caliber barrel on the ship Diana.
Renamed ships: Cincinnati, Pallada, and Sakura. Now: Marblehead Lima, Diana Lima, and Tachibana Lima.


On the "Two Brothers" map, removed invisible barrier in the square E5.


  • Fixed improper distribution of consumables in the game.
  • Added consumable Hydroacoustic Search on the following ships, starting with the stock configuration:
  • Fixed lettering squares on the mini-map in the boot screen. Doesn't coincide with the tablet and minimap in battle.
  • Fixed the display of the British nation tab during the transition to the tech tree when the Warspite is selected.


  • Fixed an error which in some cases led the game client to crash when entering the queue for the battle.
  • Fixed an error when on the countdown screen before battle, ship models were cut off at the approach of the camera.
  • Fixed an error which led to an inability to recruit a commander for the ship when one a ship is in battle.
  • Fixed a graphic artifact that led to the camera going underwater when in binocular mode on the Tachibana and Tachibana Lima.