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Interface Changes

  • Fixed an error in displaying the time until the end of the Ranked Battles Pilot Season in the player´s profile.
  • Fixed an error in displaying the time when invited into a division or until the next mission starts.
  • Enlarged targeting area for quick commands - it is now easier to tag a target or a capture point.
  • Fixed an error causing the appearance of the ranks window after a random battle if you have not finished a ranked battle earlier.
  • Added an option to disable sound from the quick commands in the game options.
  • Added support for VOIP Curse Voice for divisions.

Changes in Effects

  • Fixed the display effect of fire after receiving critical damage to the engine.

Gameplay Changes

  • In ranked battles, added a system check that penalizes players for leaving the battle before their ship is sunk. In such a situation, the player will not be awarded a "star" in the event of a victory.

Performance Changes

  • Fixed a critical error for the owners of AMD graphics cards and the Windows XP operating system, causing the client to crash when switching to binoculars.
  • Fixed an error causing increased load and temperature of the graphics card by the minimized game client when locking the computer (win + L).